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metakirbyknight wrote:

You would be amazed at how many of the health care advisers to Obama have ties to Eugenics. Kinda scary.

Misleading half-truths are fun! Some of those whom have opposed the health plan have come up with some interesting claims as to why the plan is being fed bad information. I take it you're referring in point to Thomas Perrelli, whom the right has been slandering ever since the end of the Terry Shiavo case. The Bush administration tried one of the most disturbing oversteps in the history of the country with that case and were blocked. Due to Perrelii's involvement against them they have been attacking him ever since. He actually has no ties to the health bill, but seems to have been lumped in anyway.

Beyond that, what they call 'Eugenics' is a stretch. There are those whom have suggested that women carrying a baby that has a disease(s) that would cause it to die soon after or be unable to function in the slightest to consider an abortion. In some eyes, this makes them evil, cackling doctors intent of only allowing the finest to be born and culling those seen as weak. Instead, it saves the child from a short life of misery confined to life support machines.

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