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@Kaiser - I had that problem with my Gunnars (PC eyewear--reduces strain from LCD screens) since they were bought retail and never professionally adjusted. I'd look into getting one of those little glasses toolkits--most any drugstore has them (or grocery store drugstore area) and they're pretty cheap. I readjusted the nose pieces and now they don't slip anymore. I always prefer being able to adjust things myself, so if you're that kind of person, I'd recommend grabbing one of those little glasses kits.

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KaiserGX wrote:

Ignore my creepy Jason mask collection and Nerf gun set next to the bed...

The glasses look good.

Seriously, I didn't notice you were secretly a vigilante with Jason masks and NERF guns.

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I'm going to get glasses like this:
I mean, uhhh, like this:

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