Topic: Got hurt at work today :(

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Wow, hard going. At least you can still play games with your good hand, right? What's on the one-handed play list (no innuendo intended!)?

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To be honest, I don't think playing one-handed games should be necessary with this kind of injury (from what I know about it). Just play games that don't require a lot of movement and it'll be fine! His complaint was mainly about Rock Band anyway, after all.

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You could do the conducting mini-game on Wii Music...

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LOL I dont do the Wii Music thing. I play the drums and Rock Band is phenominal when it comes to drums and thats a no go for a while it looks like. Ive been playin my PS3 quite a bit lately, having to hold the DSi after about 30 min really starts to put strain on my elbow quite a bit so Ive been stickin to PS3

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