Topic: got a free game when i got my game and watch gallery 2 game

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that's rad, congratulations on the come up! i was actually thinking about picking up the game and watch collections whats a good one to pick up first; do you have a favorite?



honestly i really like Game and Watch #3 cause i just like the way they did it game and watch #2 is fun as well i just gotta get use to a few of the games like vermin chef and parachute but i'll get the hang of them soon ^^ but i really like donkey kong ^^ and plus i've been playing super breakout for the last hour so i am really addicted to it

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Nice one.

Something similar happened to me like that awhile ago, when I ordered Final Fantasy III on the DS. I didn't realise this when I bought it but the seller also sent Final Fantasy I & II:Dawn Of Souls on the GBA. For £8, that was certainly a real bargain


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Cool. I too had an experience like this, when i got my Game Boy Micro this past year via eBay, the seller included Wario Ware Inc., though the auction description never mentioned an included game. Consequently, nothing else went into my Micro for several days!

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