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Topic: Good News & Bad News

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Guys I Have Some Good News for everyone My Folks & I are proud to say my mom finally got a job at a daycare Things are still gonna be tight but we will be able to pay for the house maybe she starts work tomorrow... But the Bad News..... One of my Neighbors back home in Virginia passed away today she watched me grow up till i was 16 then i tried to go see her when visiting my real day once a year but anyway just please everyone pay your respects for me she was a very sweet & loving woman and died at 87...

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Well, that's great! :) But sad as well...:( Sorry about your neighbor. Still, I'm glad your family was able to recover from before, that's comforting.

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Congrats on your mom's job.
Sorry about your neighbor's death. May she rest in peace.

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Good to see your family is recovering, Tails :)
Sorry about your neighbor, RIP... :(

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That's good your mom got a job, but sorry about the neighbor. It must be hard. :-(

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Thanks everyone but what really puzzles me is that nobody knows how she passed away she was only 96lbs and they saw she was eating pizza and had some pills near her when her son in law came to see her he was the one that saw her. but they know it wasn't a heart attack she never had any heart problems and she was as you see not over weight and in very good health..but she had Diabetes too and they say sometimes it keeps you skinny and sometimes keeps you over weight so the cause right now is unknown but yeah i grew up seeing her & her husband Mr. Howell they were both extremely down to earth people very laid back and very heart warming people. i will miss her she was always so happy to see me walk up to her door.

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sorry to hear about your loss :(
congrats on your mom's job :)
Keep your head up and believe that everything will turn out OK

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It's good to hear that your family is doing better.
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Sarry about your neighbor. ;(
Glad to see yourr mom get a good job. :)

i hope it all turns out OK.

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