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Good Idea: Being happy that you got money on your birthday
Bad Idea: Spending all that money on your birthday

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Good Idea: Destroying a toy car for fun
Bad Idea: Destroying a real car for fun

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Good idea: Talking about the nintendo wii on nintendolife
Bad idea: Talking about the nintendo wii on IGN
very bad idea: Talking about IGN on nintendolife

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briunj04 wrote:

Good idea: Talking about the nintendo wii on nintendolife
Bad idea: Talking about the nintendo wii on IGN
very bad idea: Talking about IGN on nintendolife

Good Idea: Trick or treating on Halloween
Bad Idea: Trick or treating on Valentine's Day

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Good Idea: Nintendo
Bad Idea: Ubisoft.

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Sylverstone wrote:

Good Idea: DSi
Bad Idea: PSPgo

Well PSPgo was not a bad idea.
I recommend it only to people who wanna buy their first PSP, but for people who already own a PSP, don't buy it.

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Ravage wrote:

Good idea: chocolate covered bacon
Bad idea: chocolate covered bacon

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Good idea: Watching Animaniacs
Bad idea: Canceling Animaniacs

That show was so good...awesome thread!

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Good idea: Worshipping CH405K1N6.
Bad idea: Worshipping Chicken Brutus.


Uh oh. He's back.


Good idea: Eating applesauce.
Bad idea: Eating apples with BBQ sauce.

(my brother came up with that one.)

Uh oh. He's back.


Good Idea: Playing New Super Mario Bros Wii
Bad Idea: Playing Action 52



Good Idea: Clones
Bad idea: Robots.

The Game.

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Good Idea: Education.

Bad Idea: Educational work.

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Tails wrote:

Good Idea: Singing Christmas Carols to your Neighbors.
Bad Idea: Singing Christmas Carols to your Neighbors on 4th of July.

That's from the Animaniacs christmas movie EDIT: Suppose it's already been said, though.

Good idea: Liking Sonic.
Bad idea: Telling people on the internet you like Sonic.

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Good Idea: Buying a Nintendo Wii Game.
Bad Idea: Buying a Nintendo Wii Game not even worth even worth the Price the Devs ask for it.

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Good Idea: Learning pig latin (not really)
Bad Idea: Teaching latin to a pig

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Good idea: Warming up your clothes in winter with the microwave
Bad idea: Warming up the cat in winter with the microwave

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