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I know I haven't discussed this here, before, but over the past couple of years I have become increasingly germiphobic, washing my hands constantly (before and after eating, before and after the restroom, before and after sleeping, after walking the dog, ect), I don't like being touched (going as far as changing clothes, if touched by someone whom I'm not close with), and I'm constantly paranoid about getting sick. I'm hoping that by going to the doctor, I'll finally be able to figure out what's going on with me (I used to not be like this).

Why bring it up here? Well, I can't talk about it around the house much, since my dad doesn't buy much into the whole mental disorder thing, which I won't get into here, and it seems like video games and the internet (this site in particular) get my mind off the paranoia.

I know that no one here will be all that interested in reading this, but I thought I had to get this out there somewhere. In the very least, thanks for listening.


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hope you find out whats up bud.


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Well, the "wash your hands after everything" part is normal and healthy (unless you're being abrasive with your hands, of course).

The other manias you mention are not, and yes, visiting a doctor is the best thing you can do for now. Good luck!

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My dad used to do that. Took scolding hot showers and washed his whole body with lava soap like 5 times a day. One word answer: I'm sure his doctor will make whatever prescriptions are necessary — TBD

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It's funny, I'm that way with my video game systems, I constantly wipe the systems and their controlers (and screens) down because I hate it when they are dust/lint covered, dirty or greasy, I also demand my friends wash their hands before touching my controllers, and then I end up cleaning their controllers when I go over to play on their systems.
And I rip napkins apart subconsciously. I don't know what that has too do with anything.

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Well, I want to thank everyone for the kind words & support


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Well, all that can be said at the moment is that there must be a reason why it's happening. Maybe it's just become a habitual thing? Maybe a personal incident (constant sickness, serious illness in the past, etc.) that motivated you to start this activity? Maybe even an unrelated personal phenomenon that drove you to start it? Just wanted to give my two cents. Good luck with the doctor!

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yo RR529 bro hope everthing work out with you man...

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Hey man, that's what doctors are for. I hope everything works out for the best. You have my support.



im sure you'll be alright i use to have a noncare in the world when i was alot younger i didnt wash my hands so much like that unless it was obviously dirty lol, but as i get older somehow i made it a habit to be clean handwise ish at least probably due to learning more about the world and what it contains like an example i didnt think much of the keys i was holding when i go out or the those metal buttons on your spring coat whatever its called but nowadays when i come home i go wash my hands to get rid of that metal smell etc etc

knowledge is an important thing and can sometimes be a scary thing to a few people.



I hope you can figure out how to return things to the way they used to be!
Also, if prescribed medicing, make sure the side effects are not worse than this. :3

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as long as you dont start washing other peoples hands, youre normal in my book

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What the hay! This topic has no place in a place like this!

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I was diagnosed with OCD a while ago and it sounds like you might have that. I was going to say more about it but I wouldn't want to worry you as you might not have that. Anyway, I hope it goes well for you.


to be fair, theres not a thing you said that i dont do myself. i wash my hands after everything. im actually too clean. in the winter time your hands probably get very dry from washing them so much. one thing i noticed is im the last one to ever get sick. i wash my hands before and after i touch anything. i dont care that i have ocd. it doesnt bother me. i dont like contaminating things, and some people actually look up to my procedure. ill tell you one thing though, im cleaner than them lol. when i cook its an extra chore for me because i wont grab a seasoning shaker with greasy hands, i think thats just gross. i wont touch anything thats not mine without washing my hands after. public restroom door handles? forget about it. i wash my hands before and after i brush my teeth, also before i hang clothes up. i probably wash my hands more than you. my thing is these people here know i dont care what anyone thinks lol. have any questions for me? ask away, i dont care. whatever your doctor tells you is what he would tell me. i actually know several people that give me credit for being so clean, and i can assure you when it comes time to cook and clean the area, i make women jealous.
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