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The topic has been dead for a bit. Is there still interest?

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I hadn't gotten around to wandering in the general discussion section. I'll pop in from time to time to contribute. I think that companies are more aware of the change in gamer population (more women, more racial groupings and more sexual orientations) and now that these groups have become more vocal about wanting inclusion games are starting to change. It is a slow, painful process due to many reasons. For one since games are rarely a single effort devs often have to make safe choices or they just run out of time or funding to really explore other storytelling methods. I'm going to sound old here but honestly that is one reason why I don't like voice acting in video games. Don't get me wrong I don't boycott it or scream get off my lawn about it but I think that the constraints that voice acting puts on game devs makes it that much harder to develop characters in meaningful ways.

Having to pay many voice actors and re record many variations of lines, especially in games with player choice means that they have to narrow the focus a bit. Even bioware games to me feel like they are trying but many of the interactions feel very shallow and flat. I totally appreciate the work but I feel that more could be done with either more time to work on the game. I do love it when games have a secondary NPC that has a pretty fleshed out background. With a set story you can give that character breathing room, plus that allows them to be optional to interact with, so that those that don't wish to deal with characters that make them uncomfortable can enjoy the game too. I was on the bioware forums long enough to realize that just the existence of a character with a different sexual orientation even if romancing that character was completely optional bothers some people.

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