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I'm getting a full sleeve tattoo on my left arm dedicated to nintendo. Here is some basic information. My tattoo:

1) Tells a story - some war
2) Based on nintendo characters
3) All badass and mature like they actually would be
4) Tragedy Occurs - unforgivable
5) They take revenge using a genius plan
6) They both win and lose

1) War :
Okay so basically I need to start by deciding who the Villian of the war is going to be. The art style is going to be very mature and dark compared to nintendo's normal style. Here is a good representation of the art style (though not quite right):

Why is deciding the villian so important, you ask? It's hard to explain. Theres a war going on in the nintendo world. One side of the war is lead by The Black Mage (representing me as my favorite characters). His generals are going to be my three best friends favorite characters, Ike, Fox McCloud and King Dedede. So on and so forth, where the characters in the black mage's army represent the people closest to me in my life. Keep in mind that I want the art style to be very mature and dark, as you could imagine the characters actually might look/act if they were in a war to save the world. There was a very good picture of mario that I had found, but since have lost (found it: I basically have about a week to get the idea down so that I can start having the artist draw it. I think I'm going to have the villians of the world allied with my characters against a greater evil (this is the problem, because I don't have any greater evil in mind yet). I need to create that evil, and figure out a name and face for it.

2) Nintendo Characters:
I said this above, but I will reiterate it here. I want the entire war to be based off of nintendo characters. Each character will represent someone close to me in my life, or something about myself that I deem important. Obviously these representations won't make sense to everyone, but its me that matters in this situation. I want to create non-canon bonds between characters that aren't evident (aka Mario and Bowser as friends and mario is extremely hell-bent on revenge when bowser dies).

3) Badass and Mature:
Imagine link from the windwaker. "Yah, Yaaaaahhhh." He's a goofy kid.Now imagine link from Twilight Princess. He's dark and mature. Take that up one more proverbial rung, and you get what I'm going for. Link on the battlefield, covered in blood and giving no fucks. His one thought: protect zelda. Imagine that for every character that I include, and thats what you get.

4) Tragedy:
An unforgivable tragedy occurs, and one of the most important characters in the army, a general persay, leaves alone to get vengance. So far the best thing I have for this is the following: throughout the war (probably good to mention here that the characters will show signs of aging throughout the tattoo/story) Bowser and Mario build a bond. Now that they have to depend on each other in battle, they aren't at eachothers throat. They never show their affection for each other, but when Bowser and Peach die in a battle during which mario blacks out, mario becomes hellbent on revenge. He travels alone through the camp (even though Link and Luigi strive to keep him there) of the "enemy," where he confronts the main villian and eventually dies. Tragedy followed by failed vengance.

5. Genius Plan:
Proff E. Gadd works with the black mage, link, luigi and other assorted characters to make a great plan to storm the castle of the enemy at night in an attempt to end the war early. This plan involves sending a band of FE thieves, led by Volke, into the castle to open the gates from the inside. The plan goes awry and the enemy starts closing the gates. Here isaac (goldensun) uses a psynergy hand (similar to the move "move" from the game) to hold the gate up as it falls down, allowing the army to pour into the gates. Blah blah battle ensues, more epic plan stuff, etc.

6) Win and lose:
I'm getting very tired now, but here is the basic idea (remember this isn't totally fleshed out). During the final battle with the enemy, the 5 main characters, The Black Mage, Ike, Fox, Dedede, and Isaac, must sacrifice themselves to contain the enemy in a blast made by E. Gadd that is powered by the spiritual power of the Boos and Ghosts from Luigi's Mansion. So basically, they win the war (the battles continue even after the main enemy dies) but the army loses both their leader's and best friends.

Please give me positive feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions. Thank you.

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Lol thanks for the input.



Get a tattoo of shadow from sonic



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