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Originally, I wanted to make a Kid Icarus Myth for April Fools, but I thought that was too much work, for something that no one would believe. So instead I'm making a thread for gaming's strangest unsolved, or recently solved myths, and rumours.
There is a certain Kid Icarus Uprising. The myth that involves Special Idol Cards, or Diamond Idol Cards. These cards are special cards that you can't find in card packs (Including the album)
One strange thing is Card #405, no one knows what exactly what #405 is. People wonder if it is real or not.
What makes people believe is that there is an idol card 405, is because there is an idol card #406, and #407

Kid Icarus Card #406 Pit (Wingless)

What are your thoughts about this myth? Do you care for it? Are you curious why? Or did you never get into the Idol Card Collecting Stuff?

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This is in Chapter 21: Chaos Vortex when Pit's wings catch fire trying to save Dark Pit from the Chaos Kin. Palutena comes near him and holds him as he is unconscious. That's basically what the card is.

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