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J-Man wrote:

I would like to see Metal Gear Solid Series as a movie.

MGS4 already is.

The Game.

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In the right hands, a Legend of Zelda movie could really be incredible. Think of Ocarina of Time with the production values or Lord of the Rings or something. Obviously it would need a good script and some great actors, a whole lot of special effects, CGI and, well, money, but I think it could really work if the right person directed it.

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If they were done perfectly, I'd love to see Mario and Metroid movies.

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Vaynard wrote:

Agreed. And what would link be silent during the entire movie? Link speaking at all in the movie would just ruin it.

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I would like:

Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Punch Out!!
Harvest Moon
Final Fantasy VI ( or I could settle for VII)

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Sexy Poker: The Movie.
No wait, even better: The Adventures of Ninjabreadman with the Cheetahmen.

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