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Pushmo: Its one of my on-and-off games. Its a really puzzling game but I beat it (not everything though, I skipped a level). If anyone wants a fresh new puzzler, Pushmo is definitely my recommendation.

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Mighty Switch Force! - A wonderful action-puzzle game from WayForward, that is great for those w/ speedrunner in their gaming blood. The sequel is just as great!

Zelda: Link to the Past - Just tonight I finished my umpteenth playthrough(what a great game! I first experienced it through Wii VC 2008), but this time I played through a glitched playthrough, that allowed me to sequence-break, & skip all but 1 pendant, so I technically beat the game in stage 2 of the game(for those who don't understand, I believe stage 2 of the game programming is aquiring all the pendants).

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Fire Emblem: Awakening - Fantastic visual quality, engaging & satisfying gameplay, amazing variety of characters, great story, and lots to do.

However, I felt the villains (while written really well) didn't put up a fight (even the final boss went down in a single encounter), and thus weren't that memorable. I didn't get as attatched to the characters as much as in other RPGs (since the cast was so large).

I'd give it an 8/10 or 8.5/10.


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Just completed Limbo. It's hands down one of the best puzzle platformers I've played this generation. The puzzles really require you to think without being cheap (save a couple or so) and the setting adds a really nice touch of atmosphere. The game is really dark, those deaths can be pretty gruesome sometimes, so I wouldn't recommend it if you aren't into those type of games. If you are however, it's easily one of the best ways to spend your money this summer if you haven't already played it.

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Just finished Code of Princess (3DS)... and it still feels like I just started it. Very short campaign mode, but the combat was pretty fun. The story made me a laugh a few times, being so (intentionally) silly and over the top, but sometimes it was just bad instead of parody bad.

There's a lot of replay in it for the right kind of player, but I feel like I've run it through enough.



Finished Super Mario 3D Land about two weeks. I thought it was really fun, but I beat it in 7 hours. Also, it wasn't really challenging at all.


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Beat Tales of Graces f with my brother the other day. It was fun, especially the combat, but it was lacking in a lot of areas. The environments were too small and constrained, for instance, and there was too much filler and backtracking. It only took us 45 hours to beat it, yet it still felt like it could've been much shorter. Honestly, I think this was a game held back by its original hardware. They never should've made a full Tales game for such an underpowered console like the Wii...

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Attack of the Friday Monsters: I'm not exactly sure what I played. Its very weird. The story makes no sense, and loves to not take itself seriously. While everything looks nice, its a tough buy for those who want to really experience gameplay. Because this game has little to none. If you're interested in the game, buy this at a discount if it ever comes by.

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Also beat Attack of the Friday Monsters. The story wasn't too fantastic, but the characters and atmosphere was lovely. The episode mechanic which allowed for interlocking and concurrent plot lines was ingenious. It's kind of on the boundary between adventure game and visual novel. I'd have to make very strong comparisons to the anime Fooly Cooly, since while the game is a lot less insane it shares a very similar underlying story and setting.

Also finished up Kokuga. The ending was... unexpected, but the gameplay was excellent. I can see myself going back to tackle some of the bosses again.

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@Magikarp FLCL, seriously? Waah, it's already been compared to Ghibli and Wes Anderson movies, and now this? I might have to buy it twice. Oh, but is the soundtrack a fraction of what FLCL's is? Because, you know, that's some of the greatest music of life.

I recently beat Oracle of Seasons for the first time. It was great! For once, I actually enjoyed the quirky end boss (normally, I get obscenely upset when there's a flash change in gameplay mechanics in Zelda games).



Just finished up my first play of Pikmin 3. 53 days. Beautiful game. not much longer now til WWHD! I'll report again once I've beat it.



I managed to get Offspring Fling! out of my backlog the other day.

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Oh wow, I compleatly forgot this thread, anyway I just recently beat Touhou embodyment of the scarlet devil (Touhou 06) I did not beat the extra stage though....damn Flandre she just creeps me the hell out!

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Cloudberry Kingdom, Code of Princess, and LEGO City: Undercover are all games I've beaten somewhat recently. All three were very good in their own ways, but I'm probably not going to go back to strive for 100% in LEGO City Undercover any time soon, and after beating Code of Princess I got back into some other games. Cloudberry Kingdom, I'm going to play until I get at least all 280 pre-designed levels done, then I may go and mess around with the random generator some.

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