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@gcunit Well, yeah, easily, but I'd say that applies to most JRPGs I've played.

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@Ralizah Everything I've read of yours recently seems to strike a chord with me, so you're my new bible of game recommendations.

I've had my eye on P5, but am in no hurry so will wait for the price to fall. I'd like to try P4Golden too, but can't be bothered to get involved with a Vita to achieve it.

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@gcunit Hey, I appreciate that, although keep in mind that my tastes have been described as "eclectic."

I'll try to be more helpful, then: Xenoblade is all about completing a traditional epic JRPG plot while exploring a big, open fantasy world, whereas P5 is more of a time management-driven social simulator crossed with a dungeon crawler, like P3 and P4 both were. They're VERY different experiences.

For me, Persona 5 is compelling for a number of reasons: I loved the fact that the entire game is accompanied by an electrifying acid jazz soundtrack; I love the way menus, events, sounds, and everything else melds into a stylish flow that carries you through the hours without even realizing it; I love the heady, existentialistic themes (especially the shockingly Dostoevskian ideas explored in the final dungeon: I never thought a video game would drudge up memories I had of reading The Brothers Karamazov and its moody speculations on freedom, anxiety, and personal responsibility); I love the fact that the game manages to weave so many disparate narrative strands together.

Do you have a PS2? The original Persona 4 is also quite good. PS2 has access to a number of good Atlus games, actually: Persona 3 (and P3 FES); Persona 4; SMT: Nocturne; Digital Devil Saga 1 + 2; and both Raidou Kuzunoha games, among others.

All of these games are pretty cheap online, because Atlus USA has kept them in print.

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Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS), with all code cubes collected.

Really great game. I was afraid I was moving on from the series after being underwhelmed by Dream Land 2 when I played it last year, but PR was fantastic. It's a very graphically polished game with some fantastic looking levels, in which even the most standard themes stand out thanks to the mechanized theme, and not only is the gameplay is as solid as ever, but they really make the most of a 2D platformer in a 3D world, and the Robobot itself is a fun addition.

The bosses were a real highlight though, with the final boss in particular being epic in scale, and delightfully bizarre in it's final stage. The clear Gurren Lagaan inspiration didn't go unnoticed either (though that last bit was heck on my circle pad).


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Hellblade, Sonic Mania and if it counts the first episode of the new Life is Strange prequel mini series.



Half Life: Opposing Force (PC)
absolute incredible add-on for an already amazing game. played through it for the second time now and loved every second of it. Blue Shift is next

Steam: ACAB or 6ch6ris6
waiting for a pricedrop on switch


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Not entirely done with the game (still have challenges to do, and I'd like to get perfect scores on all the missions and find all the chests), but I finally beat the main campaign. Took me a little over 30 hours, which I'm pretty satisfied with. I imagine I'll have put 50 or so hours into the game by the time I 100% it.


  • Gorgeous presentation. This might be one of the best looking games on the Wii U.
  • Good OST. Especially that catchy midboss theme!
  • The Mario and Rabbids crossover actually works out really well, and I never felt like the things were out of place.
  • Love the extensive overworld navigation, puzzles, etc. between battles.
  • Always enjoyed the cutscenes. They looked like they came from a Pixar movie.
  • While not all of the humor worked for me, I found the Rabbids more funny than annoying, which is a win in my book.
  • Decently challenging in later worlds.
  • I liked the skill trees and customization in this game. Very different for a Mario-themed game.
  • Character abilities and stat builds are distinct enough that most of them feel unique. Peach is a good defensive tank and meat-shield with powerful close range combat options. Luigi is a fantastic sniper, long-range damage dealer, and is able to cross long distances with ease. Rabbid Luigi is weak-ish, but has an ability that allows team members to gain health when they damage enemy units, which is invaluable. etc. etc.


  • Most of my complaints with this are down to performance and polishing issues. My first issue is with the stability of the framerate. While it's okay in most parts of the game, it takes a MAJOR nosedive if multiple enemies catch on fire, and sometimes just randomly, or during certain boss fights.
  • The last world is particularly unpolished, and plays host to a variety of glitches. One, in particular, forced me to restart a world to even make progress because it trapped me in a certain area.
    The game probably crashed 5 or 6 times. Needless to say, this is the only Switch game that has crashed on me thus far. Three of those crashes were on the final boss, which is particularly annoying, considering how long it is.
  • While the game doesn't look bad on the tablet, it does drop to a sub-HD resolution, which is disappointing.
  • I hate how limited team builds are. Instead of allowing the player to use any combination of characters they want, they're limited to Mario, one type of Rabbid, and one secondary Mario universe character.
  • Finally, I hate how the character unlocks are distributed throughout the game. What's the point in unlocking a character a few fights before the final boss?

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the game, but it desperately needs a few patches to stabilize some of the more annoying crashes and stability issues.

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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Great game, but not favorite Switch game. That would be Puyo Puyo Tetris.



@CanisWolfred The worlds are pretty easy to return to any time you like, which is necessary if you want to backtrack and look for items and stuff that you missed or couldn't access the first time around. You can also go to a time-traveling washing machine and try specific challenges or missions you've played over again from any of the worlds.

I know Ubisoft is known for releasing games with performance issues, but I've actually rarely had issues with the ones I've played. Far Cry 4, Rayman Origins/Legends, ZombiU, Child of Light... this is the first one that has actually given me issues. They weren't enough to lessen my opinion of the game, though. And yeah, I really hope they patch it and improve the performance over time.

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@Ralizah Well, they're usually good about fixing them later. I think even Child of Light had some bugs to fix later after launch, IIRC. least they're better than Warner Bros.

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Dusted off Blaster Master Zero last night. I started out thinking it was pretty neat, but it really got its hooks into me by the end. The breadcrumb-trail of power-ups is beautifully designed, and kept me exploring every nook and cranny, with a couple of pretty neat solutions on the way.

There was one cave in Area 3 that annoyed me slightly (thought I needed a key; I didn't), but I thought the difficulty balancing was good - it starts to become more challenging when it needs to, I think. I don't reckon I'll go back to play as a DLC character - at least not for a while - but the alternate characters do appear to have a big effect on the gameplay, which is good.

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Just binge played all the Danganronpa games. They're a lot more fun than I was expecting. Basically a mix between Ace Attorney and the Zero Escape games. Watched the Danganronpa 3 anime too to get some better context and backstory. I'm all set for when V3 gets released this month!

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I beat Mario 64 for the first time with all 121 stars this weekend.



I beat SMT 4: Apocalypse a little while ago, then went through again to get the best demons, and then beat the DLC's.

Meow. :3

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Finally completed BotW and it was cool, but I do think it is a bit overrated in all honesty. Also finished replaying Pokemon Moon and I really didn't enjoy the experience that much. I wanted to replay the game because I felt like I rushed it when it came out and I could hardly remember anything months after. Now that I've completed it again I can say that Sun and Moon are one of my least favorite games in the series.

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Beat Blaster Master Zero. Really solid remake, very good game.

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Just done the credits of Breath of the Wild. Happy. Like Ocarina of Time, the ending scenes left me with a strong feeling of affection for the two characters, and the game overall - they close these games in such a touching way. Just lovely. What a game.

Plenty of Shrines left to find/complete, but no hurry.

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Felt like revisiting some old GC/Wii classics the other day so I put my Wii back up. Finished Pikmin 1 this afternoon, still a very enjoyable game and a gem of the GameCube but the free spirit of the Pikmin annoyed me at times. Like, "No, don't pluck that flower!", "No, not the grass! Y'all already flowers!" or "Did I call you just now? No, so stay idle!" (when I walk through idle Pikmin, they start following me). Actually died at the final boss. Never saw the death screen and I have played through the game a bunch of times.

Next up, Pikmin 2!

Have a nice day/ good night!

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Metroid: Samus Returns.

It was pretty good. Countering gets a bit annoying halfway trough (with the enemies constantly charging at you) but as you get stronger it becomes unnecessary.
The controls do get kinda frantic, specially during boss fights where you gotta hold the R/L buttons, switch weapons with the touch screen. (I hate the robot boss BTW)

Other than that, it feels great seeing Samus... uhh, return. It has the same atmosphere as the previous games, many familiar tunes and unique visuals. Some refer to it as reimagining more than a remake because it changed so much. I've never played the original to completion but I can see by the opening areas how different it is.
I give it a Samus out of Aran - Very good.

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