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@Heavyarms55 yeah! Mario sunshine was the first 3d mario I really fell in love with and even going back to those controls takes some adjustment. Mario slips around a lot and is prone to clicking his heels and side jumping.



Just recently beat River City Girls. It was alright(great soundtrack though), but there are some problems I had with the game. The dialogue and story are cringy, it tries too hard to be cute and quirky. Reminds of Horizon Zero Dawn's horrible writing, thinking about that game makes me want to vomit and that's not what you want developers. Another thing, some of the voice acting is mediocre, but the last two bosses are simply horrible! But in the end, they all have great designs(sadly the dialogue gives them nothing to work with), so good job there Wayforward.

The gameplay is fun, don't know why they made the same button be used for multiple things. When you get in a fight, you're gonna have a problem, cause one button is used for picking up items and for the screen transition. Which it's frustrating in a fight! Also, the block and items are terrible, they're so laggy that they're useless! To wrap this up. There's too many enemy spawns(some don't even give you exp or money) and the bosses are mediocre to just plain terrible. Especially the third boss, ugh so bloody tedious.

Like I said before this game is alright, but it has a handful of problems and for the asking price of $30? This game is not worth it, wait for a sale and this game will be fine for a day or two(it ain't long, it's super short).

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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory for PS4

I wrote this back on the PushSquare forums "Games you've recently beat" topic back in June . Since it's out in a few days or so for Switch (Along with the first) thought I'd repost my impressions to Nintylife for anyone interested!

A Little Background

So my knowledge and time with Digimon is fairly limited. I'd usually end up watching the anime (the first season at least) with my kids on the tv when it came out over here in the UK. But that was twenty years or so ago now ūüėÖ.

I also saw the film with them (that as it turns out was actually three shorts mashed and spliced together) plus my daughter had (still in the house in fact) the original Digimon World game for PS1 and I've played it once or twice over the years but wasn't too fond of the digital pet rearing aspect.

Otherwise I've not exactly kept up to tabs with the anime or the various games it's had over the years.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory (DS:CS-HM from this point on) is a side story that starts a touch before but otherwise alongside the events of the previous game Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

You play as Keisuke Amasawa (You can only change his first name), a plain faced (It's an actual design choice and brought up for laughs a number of times) teen, who's had his EDEN account stolen.

EDEN being an online virtual reality/Digital cyberspace that everyone uses and is vital to daily life.

Keisuke is accused of being a hacker because of losing his account and considered a delinquient, shunned at school and eventually leaves it to join a Hacker group called Hudie consisting of; Ryuji Mishima, Erika Mishima and Chitose Imai, to find out what happened to his account and get it back.

Naturally a bunch of other crazy stuff happens along the way...

Just some of the colourful cast you'll meet

What I like

The Evolution Mechanics

There's 340 or so Digimon in DS:CS-HM.

Unlike Pokémon where Squirtle turns into Wartortle and that's it til it becomes Blastoise... In DS:CS-HM you can Digivolve and De-Digivolve your Digimon to your hearts content.

There's not just a set path either.

You can start off with a fire Digimon and decide you don't like it and go for a water digimon instead only for it to end up as a light digimon by the end of things.

You'll have to reach certain stat requirements though for the numerous evolutions with some being easier to obtain then others. Not to mention as you go along evolution chains there'll be higher stat requirements to attain.

There's usually one that's within your grasp at least without serious extra levelling or using the ABI (DS:CS-HM's unique version of EV's) system.

The Battle And Party System

There's four main types for Digimon: Vaccine, Data, Virus & Free that a digimon can be. There's also 9 attributes or sub types: Water, Fire, Plant, Lightning, Air, Earth, Light, Dark & Neutral.

With the evolution mechanics I already explained, a battle system that has 3 members at a time with a party total of 11 (More on that a little later) you can prepare yourself for a number of sitations

It's not too hard of a system once you get used to it and it's pretty fun. I played it on the Hard difficulty setting throughout the entire game and at times it got pretty challenging, especially in the middle chapters where you have to balance out your team more but can't fully power them up yet.

There's also a limit on your party.

You can't just rock up to ultra/mega and steamroll everything ... each Digimon has an amount of memory that they take up in your Digivice so you have to mix and match the varying stages of evolution.

It adds a strategic element to things as you balance out your party (You get two items sporadically throughout the game to increase your memory capacity).

You COULD just have three Digimon as highly leveled and evolved as possible... But you'll have much more coverage if you have a bigger party in the lower stages... just they'll be weaker.

Plus each Digimon has six moves. 1 (Or sometimes 2) specifically tied to that 'mon's evolution and unable to be moved whilst the remaining slots can be used as you see fit.

No type restrictions or anything with a total of twenty skills that can learnt in a movepool for each 'mon. You can freely switch stuff in and out of before you'll eventually have to delete some to make room for new moves when it's full.

So combined with the evolution mechanics you can have a WHOLE lot of strategic choice with your 'mons.

Just a random battle in Hacker's Memory

The Farm System

So like Pokémon there's a daycare like system called the Digifarm that's run by the character Merei.

You start with one island that can hold ten 'mons and can gain up to five islands throughout the game to hold a total of fifty 'mons (There's also a seperate digibank syatem that works like Pokémon's pc boxes that'll let you hold 50 or so to start with and 200 in total)

However unlike the daycare not only can your Digimon lvl up (at a ridiculously slower rate then in Pokémon mind) but you can make them develop items at random for money, train your Digimon' stats (The leader 'mon of the farm affecting which stat is being trained and ABI determining how much it can be trained) or you can have them search for cases (or items if you've got all the cases available at the moment)

It's not much but it's a little more involved then the daycare.

The Story... When It's In Focus

Thinking on this... It reminds me a bit of Dragon's Dogma in this regard. I quite like the story that's told throughout the game but it's not always the main focus.

I appreciated the more personal stakes that are involved in it, particularly in the last few chapters rather then what seems to be a more sterotypical JRPG

BIG OL SPOILERS FOR DIGIMON STORY: CYBER SLEUTH - With a cliche of saving the world that the original game seems to have (Though maybe there's something more personal and hard hitting to that. I'd have to play the original to find out as DS:CS-HM is a side story and I don't know what entirely happens in the first game)

Still I found it enjoyable and to my surprise... I did actually get a little misty eyed at the end of it!

Plus I quite like the characters even if there's a few clichés here and few tropes there with a touch of 1 dimensionality to some characters. Hudie being quite a tight knit group for the most part!

Throughout it there's some neat ideas. Things you've no doubt seen before in other media with a slight twist. There are a few dark moments in this and I hear a whole lot more in the original.

What I don't like

The Padding

There's.... A fair amount of padding in this game.

Even in the last few chapters where the story ramps up... There is for example a "main" mission that the protagonist HAS to do involving escorting someone around restaurants in a comical fashion that ends with a digimon battle for the right to do a critical review of the food (Even if I did like the absurdity of this... It's still quite jarring)

If these were sidequests (which they really are they just didn't want you to miss them for some reason) rather then designated as main missions that you can't avoid I wouldn't have a problem with them at all and probably played them all anyway cus there's some pretty neat items you get from them.

It makes more sense in the beginning of the game when you're still getting used to it, and the protagonist is getting used to being in Hudie and helping various people but it defintely can get annoying to do something completely unrelated to the four or so main arcs/plot points of the game.

The ABI Stat Grind

So it's a mechanic similar-ish in design to EV's from the mainline Pokémon games. Except you have to gain ABI first in order to distribute it across your stats.

This is is done mainly by Digivolving and De-Digivolving your Digimon (Though you can rarely get an item or two that increases ABI by a bit) ... with the higher leveled up they are and higher up on the evolution chain the more ABI you gain once you 'volve them up or down (De-Digivolving giving you about twice as much ABI)

At the highest lvl of 99 and highest point of the digivolution chain of Ultra (The chain being Training 1, Training 2, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega, Ultra (Not all 'mons have ultra forms)) you get maybe 35 or so ABI once you 'volve them down to Mega from Ultra.

With a cap of 200 Abi and a stat boost total of 150 (... I'm not sure why either tbh) it'll take you a while to get there... especially if you don't stack up the exp boost item! (That I actually happened upon by chance early on using the farm!)

Still it's not fully needed... some evo's need you to meet an ABI requirement but that's usually pretty low at around 20/40 that should be easily obtainable just by playing.

There's plenty of stats to manage

No English Voice Acting

This one is pretty small potatoes in the grand scheme of things... but some english voice work would've been pretty nice as it'd add a bit more weight/emotional heft to things in my opinion.

Japanese voice work unfortunately tends to get on my nerves... But the voices are pretty decent in this compared to some of the high pitched squeals or over the top voices I've heard.

In this I'm not terribly fond of JimmyKen's VA but if there was an english cast I probably would've really liked this glam rock/KISS like hacker.

You can turn the voices off via the settings if you so choose (by turning the voices to 0%) but I did end up keeping them and the digimon voices on (Those in particular are rather limited and maybe just a phrase or two during battle and toggled by a seperate setting)

There's a surprising amount of the game that isn't voiced though. This is more of a budget issue from what I can gather, as it is a decently sized rpg with a lot of dialogue.

Some Design Choices

This also is more of personal preference but most of the digital area/dungeons are a bit basic with pixels or some kind computer based motif to designate them as such and end up fairly generic looking.

There are a few areas that do REALLY stand out but Kowloon and Under Kowloon (The two main dungeons you'll see a lot of) look pretty much the same.

Again it's a smaller budgeted game and sized too (It's only 5GB big on PS4) so I can understand and it's not a major problem just personal preference.

This happens to the Digimon themselves too unfortunately as there's a handful of reskins.

In something like final fantasy (or any rpg) it's not a problem really if there's a goblin that you'll happen to fight a blue variant of it later on in the game... But in something like Pokemon or Digimon I feel it's particularly lazy to have a different coloured variant.

Again there's only a handful (I've seen 300+ digimon in my game and there's maybe 5 that look the same just different colours) I just feel it's worth calling out though!

Also because they're Digital Monsters as well and supposed to be computer programs there's a lot of metal/cyborg-y designs that creep into the evolution chains near the end.

From a little red dinosaur to ending up as a cyber dragon, the canon evo lines are a bit weird at times

Additional points

  • Being able to save anywhere and anytime is especially nice (No thanks to it being available and made in particular for the PS VITA)
  • The music is pretty decent. Probably nothing i'd consider a must listen but it's enjoyable enough with stuff all around the spectrum!
  • Missions usually only take around 20 minutes... So it's a good game to play in short bursts (Again probably because of it being made for VITA primarily)
  • There's no recap feature. Merei will give a cryptic comment of what you're supposed to do sometimes but that's it. So good luck if you've left it for a while and forgotten what you're supposed to be doing!
  • There's an intital lvl cap for each new Digimon that you obtain but you'll get past it pretty quickly (Each time you Digivolve up or down the Digimon becomes lvl 1 again and the cap increases til it's eventually 99)
  • One boss is EXTREMELY cheap with a panic/confusion mechanic that you'll probably die against the first time.
  • Domination battles are endless (providing you keep searching in the farm for them) and Territory battles usually add a neat little challenge to things with a constant status effect in play.


It's not for everyone and it has it's faults, but I ended up really enjoying this game!

Considering I paid £11 for it brand new and played it for 107 hours or so (with a bonus dungeon waiting for me, an offline collisseum to go through, some trophies to potentially go back and obtain and a new game plus waiting for me too...) I REALLY got my money's worth.

Paying £40 or $60 for both games (Or whatever the price is) on Switch in a twin pack can easily give you hundreds of hours of content.

Not every game needs to set the world on fire.

8/10 for me

A 7/10 is probably the more professional rating I'd give it.

Especially if you actually play them in order and get around to this after the first Cyber Sleuth unlike me as it is a "more of the same" sequel for the most part I'd imagine

Feel free to "@" me if you've got any questions!

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@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy Thanks for this! I haven't read your full write-up yet but intend to when I have more time later. I've loved the Digimon franchise for years but haven't played a game related to the series since Digimon World: Dusk on the DS.

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You're very welcome @Tyranexx

I was gonna re-write it entirely into the style of the last review I did in the pushsquare "games you recently beat" which was much more professional but... I don't have the time and forgot this was out this week for you guys ūüėÖ

So apologies if it's a little rough round the edges!

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Astral Chain (Switch)


  • Combat is deep and satisfying, and they introduce things at a pace so you're never overwhelmed. While normal encounters can be dangerous if you're not paying attention, the bosses in particular were pretty great.
  • It's mostly a very smooth experience. The only notable frame drops I noticed were during a boss fight about halfway through (it's a very large enemy, and the frame drops occur once it's health gets low & it starts running like crazy along the side of the buildings around the arena), but even that wasn't very distracting.
  • While it's an action game at it's core, it's actually a pretty well rounded package that breaks things up with investigations, environmental platforming & puzzling, the occasional stealth section or on rails shooting section, and a few other optional minigames (such "moving block" puzzles, delivery minigames, and even a retro game minigame), which are mostly quality experiences themselves.
  • It's very replayable if that's your thing. Of course it has what you'd expect for an action game, outside of the easiest difficulty, every section is graded so you can replay scenarios for a better score, and it has an unlockable harder difficulty. Outside of that though it has a decent photo mode (which can be used to unlock character, enemy, & location entries in an extensive encyclopedia), hidden cats & toilets to find in every mission, and an in game achievement system that can be used to collect goodies. There's a lot of accessories & a few different costumes to collect as well.
  • Even if you're not into replayability it's still a pretty meaty experience for an action game, lasting roughly 35-40 hours for a run (I played on Pt Standard, and finished about 38 hours in). It also has a post game chapter, so even if you're not into replaying past missions, you can get some extra playtime from this, though I haven't really delved into it.
  • It's a very visually appealing game, with great art direction.


  • the story is okay. I like the worldbuilding & some of the characters, but it ultimately devolves into typical anime pseudo-science technobabble.


  • You can't 100% most missions the first time through, as there will be some areas/items inaccessible due to you needing an ability you don't yet have. This works well in more open world or "Metroidvania" games, but is less appealing in a chapter based game such as this (also, you can only replay previous chapters via a PC you can only access at the start of a chapter at HQ).
  • While most gameplay elements are quality, the platforming is a bit rough (probably because it centers around having your Legion yank you across gaps, and if you happen to as much as brush anything you lose all momentum & fall like a rock, and your character won't grab ledges & pull themselves up even if you're right at the edge). It's not so bad that I had any issue with any of the main objectives, but there's quite a bit of goodies off the beaten path only accessible past tricky platforming, and that's where it becomes an issue.

Overall my criticticims are pretty minor and it was a great experience. The most engrossing Switch exclusive I've played since year one's BotW, Odyssey, & XC2, IMO. As a disclaimer, I played it exclusively docked.

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@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy No prob! I found it pretty informative! Going by your write-up, it's similar in some ways to the two DS entries I've played.

Heck, it's safe to say that this is one of the games that has made me seriously consider picking up a PS4 more than once. Unfortunately I barely even have time for the systems I do own lately.

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I'm not sure what constitutes completion but I recently filled out all diary entries in Voez. Never played rhythm games before Voez aside from messing around on stuff like DDR and a few other games at Japanese arcades but Voez stole my attention the day I purchased it and I've played it on and off ever since. Not very good at the game but I've managed a few special 15+ S ranks which feels super sweet.

A cool thing I learned going for some of those final all-perfect challenges was that all-perfecting a track wasn't necessarily any easier on lower difficulties, and that mirrored my experiences playing the guitar. Unless you specifically train yourself to play at all tempos, you'll likely develop a subconscious proficiency at a select few tempos and anything faster or slower can throw you off. I ended up all-perfecting tracks considerably more technical than the easier songs in the game while missing a couple of notes every time I attempted said easier songs because I wasn't acclimated to performing at those tempos. Patience pays off I guess! Might have to practice with a metronome!



Guacamelee 2 on Nintendo Switch

If you've never played a game in the series, It's a lite metroidvania. The focus is on combat, with some light exploration that pays off in the form of health shards or energy shards. There's always an icon telling you where to go, but that doesn't mean it's easy getting there. Throughout the game you learn new abilities which youll have to master to get to new areas. In some instances, youll be tested by having to pull off each one of those abilities in a jump or on an enemy. It makes for some frustrating times when you don't quite get it right but thankfully, it saves often and you jump right back in after you die.

Boss fights are just Ok, but they dont have to be that great considering most of the Game is mini boss battles, and some of them are rather difficult.

All of the colors and graphics are stunning, and bright. The sound effects, humor, and gameplay, make this one of my favorite indie series thats out there. I absolutely loved the first game, and the 2nd was even better. I highly recommend either game the next time they're on sale, as they're a complete blast. 8.5/10.



@RR529 I‚Äôm still working my way through the game, but yeah it is wonderful and up there with the best exclusives on Switch. The learning curve is actually quite steep on PT Standard and I didn‚Äôt find the combat ‚Äúclicking‚ÄĚ at all for the first 5-6 hours. I kept getting stunned and knocked around constantly.

Once it does though and you get that energy spike, chaining enemies, and executing perfect dodges, the whole experience becomes euphoric.

The platforming parts are a bit annoying though so agree with you there. The character movement is more suited for combat, not moving around narrow and disappearing platforms.



Just beat two games:

Soul Nomad and the World Eaters PS2: Awesome game. One of NIS's better titles on the PS2 (still not as good as Disgaea 2 though). 9 out of 10

Rodea: The Sky Soldier Wii: Also an awesome game. Flying around is a lot of fun. The final boss fight is terrible though. One of the worst in years. It sucks it never got officially released. 8 out of 10

That's it.

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I beat ori and metal slug earlier this week.

Not much to say about Metal Slug. It's pretty much a contra type game just in a different setting. Had a good time with it though. 7/10

Ori and the Blind Forest though. I'm not going to say i was disappointed, but I was expecting a tiny bit more after all the hype that surrounded it. I mean.. the graphics animation and music were superb. The level design was decent. I dont really know if there were boss battles, I don't really recall anything that resembled a boss battle. Maybe the escape scenes were in place of boss battles? Not really sure. It's definitely a good game, and worth $20. Anything more than that and i may have been disappointed. I think it's priced fair for what you get. You can tell they put alot of love into It, and it shows with the story of the game which is one of the better parts. There is some action in the game but it takes getting used to. The best part is after you die, you respawn right away and that's very welcome. I'd say this game is in between 7/7.5-10. Had there no been so many people talking this game up ahead of time, I might have came in with a different perspective and enjoyed it more. It's still a fun time though. Just something is missing from making it great, and i can't tell what.



I just beat Pokemon: Lets go Pikachu! Fun little romp down memory lane, albeit a very easy one. I really liked that they had the pokemon running around in the field, but I wish there were wild battles instead of having to fill the pokemon box with a bunch of junk. But I did like that they switched placements and things up a bit. 7.5/10



Just beat A Hat In Time's final boss.

+Hat girl will kill you with adorableness.
+Hat girl is also surprisingly spry.
+Environments and the missions is highly varied! Trust me that you don't want em spoiled.
+The various swag that you collect are the icing on the cake. You wanna hunt down them rift tokens.

+/- The bosses are tough! By no mean dark souls/cuphead hard, the bosses can definitely take a licking! Prepare for trial and error, keep an eye on their attack patterns and don't be afraid to try 'em later. This ain't your 3 hits to win type of boss. (Captain's notes: It took me for a loop at first but after getting used to it it's personally for me a plus.)
+/- It has a teen rating for a reason. It's in chapter 3.
+/- Mumble mode only applies for one on one conversations, not when walking in the gameworld.
+/- A few spots in the game has the choose this or this choices! Also applies in the final boss but that's after you beat the boss.
+/- The game camera while not too problematic, doesn't always get you where you want. (I maybe haven't tinkered with it enough?)

-While not egregious, this port could've gotten a bit more time in the oven. There are frame rate dips, few seconds of freezing and had a crash (it crashed when I had the camera mode on) and a few more graphical glitches.
-Some of the NPC's animations look a bit robotic.
-Could use a bit more signposting on a few missions, breaking the immersion a few times. (What I mean is, You're gonna do this: Ready? Go. But instead the game sometimes has, You're gonna do this: ....Go! Something along those lines.)

That aside, A Hat In Time is defiantly worth your purchase. 3D Mario is getting competition again.

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I've also beaten Unbox's Newbie's Adventure.

  • The script is mostly humorous and charming as with the few characters.
  • Costume options.
  • Bounce is a good radar for finding stamps.

+/-The environments are MASSIVE. Framerate WILL take a hit.
+/- Since you're a box, you move like a box.
Tip: Take the bounding missions from Mario Odyssey into effect in the race missions.
+/- Environments are not fitted for box.

-More traversal options would be nice, like a flyer. (Especially when you're in the massive snow world with mountains spread a few miles apart!)
-Cars has the same weight as your box.
-Stamps do not go to the overall unlock stack a la Mario 64, it's separated via worlds. It can be problematic when in the jungle world.
-World 1 boss is the worst thing ever.
-The race missions leave very little room for error. Espically with camera's not good at handling tight turns. Not for the faint of heart.

I have little desire to complete the game. If you're interested in this weird 3d platformer, wait for a sale.

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AI: The Somnium Files - As a huge fan of Zero Escape, I bought AI day one and stopped playing Astral Chain so I can fully focus on it. Now I finished it last week so how was it? I don't really know yet.

I liked the story. I liked the characters. I didn't necessarily dislike anything. Well, maybe there were a bit too many perverted jokes but that was to be expected. Though Zero Escape series never had this many, even with all three games combined. And also the long pauses when the game was loading some scenes for one or two lines of dialog. Other than that, the game was all around good. The visuals were a nice upgrade compared to ZTD which had really stiff animations.

This may take some time to fully sink in. It didn't have the same kind of impact like Ghost Trick, Phoenix Wright or 999 but I'm happy I experienced it.

Art of Balance TOUCH! - This is a game I bought years ago. I play it for couple of days and then I don't touch it for months. It's perfect for that type of play. Relaxing game that you can play whenever you feel like it without worrying about where you left off.

I decided to play it again on Sunday and noticed I only have the second half of last world left so I finished it. Now I just need to get the last two achievements that require you to beat certain amount of puzzles in a row in Endurance Mode. Give it a year and I'll probably have it completed.

Return of the Obra Dinn Since I beat AI just in time for this game's release, I decided to continue with another mystery game. I'd heard of it before and knew I'd like it. I finished the game today and it certainly was a unique experience. The story of the ship and its crew wasn't what I was expecting going in. I had fun unraveling the story but I felt like it ended too soon and I had only just begun discovering who's who.

The latter half of the game was me going back to earlier deaths and making mental notes on things. I guess writing things on paper would've made the process bit easier but oh well... I liked how many things you had to pay attention to. I had to come up with new ways to identify people all the time. My main issue with the game was the navigation. Finding the correct page in the book was tedious at times, especially when you had to flip back and forth and going around the ship trying to get back to the body you wanted to check again had similar problems. I also had some trouble trying to identify people thanks to the art style. Part of it was probably intentional.

Overall, a game worth playing but might cause you some headache.

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I just got a 112% on Spyro Reignited Trilogy. I have never played the originals so this was my first outing with Spyro, (aside from skylanders which hardly counts). And let me just say that I loved my time with this game(s).
With that said however, I think 3 full size collection games is to many for me. By the time of the 3rd game I was almost kind of sick of it. That's not to say it was bad by any means, if anything it shows just how much Spyro you get in one package. I do have to say the first game was my favorite.
All in all aside from a bit of 3D collectithon fatigue towards the end, I had an absolute blast with this game and would totally recommend it.



GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony

The humor was on point like always. IVs driving takes a while to get used to, but I think it's very unique.
The game actually is a lot more colorful than regular IV. There's even clear skies!
A lot of action missions. Not a big fan of helicopter missions.

Overall one of the best stand alone expansions I've played.
Oh, and Yusuf was great, haha.

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