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MarcelRguez wrote:

Is it too early to mention the new God of War?

In my opinion God of war is a fantastic game, it is a masterpiece imho, but it is NOT a God of war game. If you want a God of war game, it can look like trash because it is completely a different thing.
I would never say it is overrated, it is great imho, but for sure many fans could be disappointed and feel betrayed.

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I marathoned the Zelda series right before BOTW came out, and I remember being severely underwhelmed by Windwaker, which has become a franchise darling in the same FFIX has(it's underrated but not really because everyone and their freaking moms say it). Sailing sucks, it's really tedious getting through the whole ocean, dungeons were really easy, and the final dungeon/endgame was really garbage

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