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@8-Bit_Superman I feel the same way about Galaxy. I've given it more than a fair chance, trying it multiple times over the years and I've really tried to like it, but I just can't. After a couple hours with it, I'm just done with it.

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This is not a reaaaally popular game, but I see it recommended a lot, especially on top lists. It even was added on the last Alex made on the Youtube channel:
I do not think this is a bad game. The combination of match-3, a little bit more strategy and the dieselpunk-aestethics was appealing to me and combined with the great reviews made me buy the game.
In the end it was a disappointment though.
The strategic elements got kind of ruined by luck and the unforgiving permadeath.
The storytelling was really superfluous and boring and could have been so much more interesting and deep. Also the game had really little content. If it weren't for the permadeath-system and the spicy difficulty, it would have lasted maybe 1 hour.
After all it was still an alright game, addicting and with an original premise.
I would see it as a 6/10, probably. But I don't get how it got so much praise (80% metascore; on here it got a 9/10). Somehow I always had the feeling that I was missing a significant part of the game that made it so great.

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I really dislike the last two worlds of Tropical freeze, I feel like DKTF is overrated because of those. Overall it is not as great and fantastic as Country returns is imo (another reason why it is overrated: many people say it is better), but it is still a very good game, and the ability to swim is a big plus that unfortunately was missing in the previous game, but the last two worlds really ruin it for me, almost completely. I just don't like the setting, it is not that they are less fun gameplay wise, they just are boring and unpleasant to look at but this is enough to ruin the experience for me.

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