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Topic: Games that you want ported over to 3DS/Wii U

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Life and Death:

This game would be perfect on the Gamepad!

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mystman12 wrote:

Life and Death:

This game would be perfect on the Gamepad!

Never have seen that game before, looks fun though!

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  • Having Metroid 1-4 all in one place would be nice. Tetralogy collection given the Fusion/ZM treatment on one 3DS cart.
  • Fatal Frame 1-4 for Wii U, dat Gamepad potential.
  • Heck yes I would still buy Final Fantasy V and VI for DS.
  • Mass Effect trilogy for Wii U
  • Xenogears and Xenosaga trilogy for Wii U
  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for Wii U
  • Valkyria Chronicles 1-3 on 3DS

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  • Ys Anthology (WII U)

I just want the whole series in one system. :P

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