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What are some games that you've played on any system (Even PC) that you would love ported over to 3DS and Wii U?
For me, I'd say Terraria, Minecraft and Age Of Empires.

Minecraft is perfect for Wii U. I would love it for 3DS, I think the 3DS can handle better than Pocket Edition, but they would have to rewrite all the code. I also don't know if the controls will work for it. It will def work with CPP but without, not so much. Nintendo should've just put the 2nd pad there when they released the 3DS.

Age of Empires would be good on both systems, as they both have touch controls. Wii U would be awesome, so I hope that'll happen.

Terraria 2. That would be so cool. I think the 3DS can handle it, but they have to rewrite the code again, like minecraft. But not because it can't handle the console versions, because it's made in Microsoft code.

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ALL freaking cross gen games should also be for Wii U.

Then there's games like Kingdom Hearts 3 that should also be for Wii U.

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Blast wrote:

ALL freaking cross gen games should also be for Wii U.

No kidding. I'd like to see Braid on the eShop or something. New, good indie games would be nice.


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Spelunky and if possible Binding of Isaac (or rebirth)



Is there a time frame on how old they can be because If not then..
1. Mega Man Legends 1 and 2 (even though I'd prefer remakes of both on the 3DS)
2.Crash Bandicoot 1,2 ,and 3 and Crash Team Racing
3.Dark Cloud 1 and 2
4.Pac-Man World series
and finally
5. Dragon Quest VIII

If they could do this I'd give them my wallet but this will never happen.

Capcom at E3: Guys we're sorry about how we've been treating Mega Man so we're gonna make it up to you by releasing the Mega Man Cancelled Collection with all the titles we cancelled in the condition they we're in just before we pulled the plug. Now who wants Street Fighter X Monster Hunter?


I'm not particular about the actual titles so much as I really want some RTS and RPGs on the system.

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I can understand how a game like Batman: Arkham Knight may be a tough nut for the Wii U to crack from a hardware perspective.

But, besides 8th gen exclusives, any game being ported over to the X360 or PS3 should also have a Wii U version.



Remaking Megaman Legends on 3DS would earn a lot of respect for Capcom (which they currently have in negative numbers somehow!). Even a straight up port would be fine tbh (if not acceptable for a 30 dollar game).

To be honest, I don't enough attention to iOS gaming to see which games should be ported to 3DS. Maybe if that new Breath of Fire is actually good (plot twist: that is actually happening, look it up)...

Wii U I'm mainly interested in certain PC titles and console FPS that would be improved by pointer controls. And Strider.

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all fire emblem games(not including awakaning) to the 3ds

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 on Wii U can't believe the 3DS got a version of Street Fighter 4 but Wii U hasn't.

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Sleepingmudkip wrote:

all fire emblem games(not including awakaning) to the 3ds

why not include Awakening and call it Ultimate Fire Emblem Collection? XD

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Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2 and Civilization Revolution... that's about it.



Mother Trilogy
Fire Emblem Collection

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