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I don't buy anything I already own either, for the most part. The only game I have two copies of is Sonic the Hedgehog 1 (Genesis and iPhone). I don't think I'll get Sonic 2 on the iPhone though, because despite the joy of a portable Sonic and the lack of emulation issues that plagues the DS version, I hate using touch screen buttons.

The only other games I've rebought are Star Fox 64, Majora's Mask, and Mario 64. I'll probably buy SSB when I get back too. Unfortunately, many of the games I'd rebuy for Nintendo 64 are Rare titles, so I may end up getting the originals of all of those carts too. I also have the OoT/MQ disc, but that hardly counts, since it was free.

I've also considered buying the Master System Sonic games, because I have them on Game Gear, and it's sort of a pain to bust that out to play. Unfortunately Sonic Triple Trouble was only released on Game Gear, so I probably will never see that on VC.

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Ocarina of Time on N64, and twice on GCN (the free disc with WW, and the Zelda Collector's Edition disc).
Super Mario 64 on DS, and later bought for N64.

I have a Japanese and a UK copy of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

As for non-Nintendo games, I have hard and Steam copies of GTA 1-3 and Vice City. That was because I got them in a bundle, along with San Andreas, which all together worked out cheaper than just buying San Andrea on its own.

I try to avoid buying games I already own, though, unless I play them a lot and am worried about the disc being damaged. I bought Hitman 2 on PC because I play it on GCN so much, I'd be horrified if the disc ever stopped working o_o



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