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Bioshock Infinite... and maybe Luigi's Mansion and Castlevania MoF. That is all I can get for now since my wallet can't take it and I still have a backlog to plow.

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My March wish list:

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U and 3ds)
Lego city undercover (Wii U)
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Luigi's mansion: dark moon

I only going to get 3 of said games this month. The rest would have to wait when I get more time to play.

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Can't wait...

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
are all i am getting this month......when there's a lull in games I will get Lego City, Castlevania & Etrian Odyssey 4

Want: Mario Party Top 100, Atlus games, Psychic Spectres for the 3DS. For the Switch Kirby Star Allies, Yoshi and many others.

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Monsta Huntaaaa!! (3DS) nothing more! :3

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Nothing for me. I'll probably still be playing Persona 3 and Awakening.

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quick question:
was just thinking of buying Liberation Maiden, but i've read it only takes you like 1hour - 1hour 30mins to beat it
there are appearantly 5 missions and all of them are supposed to be very short, read that in a few reviews : (

that's disappointing... i mean, 1 hour to beat the story? can't remember any game i've played that was this short..

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Monster Hunter!!! 15 moar dayz! x3
(Also, Luigi's Mansion, and maybe Harmo Knight...though I might end up getting that next month)


Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, and Gears of War Judgement.....I wish the Wii U would have kept Pikmin for a March release date! Haven't go anything for the Wii U since Christmas mainly just because there isn't anything I haven't got that I'm that interested in (despite the lego game looking pretty good actually)

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