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I used to be a huge advocate for selling games back once I was done with them. But lately I have changed my ways, and I want to keep the games that I have enjoyed very much.

One of my friend he doesn't keep any games, and sells them all, another one keeps every game he bought and has a huge stack of them.

So what you guys do, do you keep the games that you enjoyed or do you sell them back and use the store credit for other games?

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I keep good games, and sell bad ones.

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Blue+Protoman wrote:

I keep good games, and sell bad ones.


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Usually I keep my games, but sometimes there are trade-in deals that are too hard to resist.



Ricardo91 wrote:

Though many games I've sold over the years I wind up buying again.

I am like that also, I want to get Odin Sphere again!

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Blue+Protoman wrote:

I keep good games, and sell bad ones.

This. I try not to buy games I'm certain I won't like (unless I'm doing it to review for the site because I love you all so much -- it's always nice when publishers provide games to review because you can then sell them to get "good" games), but you cannot always predict what you may dislike about a game others love to bits (hence my purchase of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Mario 64 and their subsequent deletion).

I have had a few occasions of selling a game because I figured I wouldn't really want to play it again, followed by a re-think and re-purchase. Now I'm much more circumspect about such things and if a game sits on a shelf without a play it doesn't automatically go on some kind of "sell pile."

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I never sell games anymore because I know I would regret it. I sold my old homecomputers and videogames back in the day and I wish I hadn't. Fortunately, the Virtual Console brings at least some of the games back.

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i sold a bunch of games, like my free copy or mario sunshine that one of my moms friends gave me on release date(he works for those peeps), and i end up buying them back!(like paper mario 2) I have a friend who buys a game for 30-50 dollars, beats it, goes to gasmestop and the buy it from him for 5-10 dollars, then saves his allowance, and repeats the cycle! im like wtf?

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Yeah selling games is not a good thing for me lately. I keep wanting them if I had a time machine I would go back and tell myself not to sell the games I would save so much more money!

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Keep the good'ns, lose the dross, fine tuning your 'collection' en route. And never sell, always trade, for a credit note note if need be, I collect 'em it's great.



Does anyone else feel a bit guilty when their game stack gets to high, feeling that they have more than they need? I do. That's why I often sell games I've completed or got bored of. That rationale led to to sell Battalion Wars 2, Fire Emblem, Excite Truck, Mario strikers, Zelda and RE4. To be honest regret selling those games now. Maybe I should put them into storage somewhere where nobody can see them then get them out one or two years later and it'll be like a mini christmas. On the other hand I'm sure the money was useful at the time.

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Yeah I often sell the games I've completed ,or didn't like all that much, on e-bay. I usually buy games at low prices (supermarket's,online etc) then re-sell them for the same value or a bit less ( in some cases a bit more) on e-bay, thus my gaming habit becomes relatively cheap. I only have a limited amount to spend on luxuries what with having a house and family and stuff so this work's out well for me.I also have quite a few intrests outside of gaming that consumes my money (DVD's,Music going out etc etc). I don't mind selling them cause I know I can always buy them back if I get the urge to play one of them again (though I'll never sell my Zelda collectors edition ,love that little fella!).

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@Luigi-La-Bouncy: I keep all my Wii and GC games in disc sleeve holder thingies (official Wii ones too). The boxes are in a box hidden out the way. I have loads of games in the living room, but no boxes, as I too find a wall of game or dvd boxes a bit of an eyesore and somewhat tasteless. Although it can be a pain when i need a game manual.



the only games ive sold were paper mario thousand year door (that game is too boring i like the Mario and Luigi series much better), Rugrats Castle Capers (dont ask how i got that), Nascar 2003, Nintendogs Dashund (got so boring), and Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga (kinda a waste bc i already have the gcn versions)

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@Sean- Why didn't you like SMB3 and M64?

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SMB3 had a bad difficulty curve generally, but especially at the end of world 2 (the desert one). Having the player replay the last couple of stages and then run the bullet bill gauntlet every time he loses a life in the boss battle was just too much. I blew a few hours getting to the boss, suffering a "one hit death" and repeating a few times. It stopped being fun quite rapidly with much cursing and brusing of thighs with fists of rage.

SM64 was a better experience until what I assume was a false showdown with Bowser (I had five or six stars at this point). In the bit where you're walking on a path above an abyss with a fixed distant camera you need to navigate obstacles; at one point towards the end of this path you need to make a timed jump over a gap of some kind with a moveable barrier on the other side of the gap. Sadly there's a pillar blocking your view at this point due to the camera becoming fixed and I cannot tell you how many times I fell to my death before I stopped caring about rescuing the Princess. Just bad game design as far as I'm concerned (yes, I know, it's the best game ever blah blah blah) and I had enough.

Super Mario Galaxy got the balance right for me, but you can have all the Mario games bar the original Mario Bros. which I quite enjoy.


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