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OptometristLime wrote:

You galvanize me for misusing a term but read my post if you want to understand where I'm coming from.

I would be more correct in saying that they have a tremendous power / influence in the brick and mortar style of game distribution.

Make of that what you will, I actually agree with you about capitalism. This subject has really wandered.

As the mods, when I was a moderator there, on the US Message Boards use to say, it's the life of a topic, they always sway a bit off eventually. It was your use of "monopoly" that made me think of conspiracy nuttery, a true monopoly is impossible so long as capitalism is not over regulated, there will always be new businesses and suppliers to challenge the big ones. The trick is to find the right balance between government and business, something most countries are really failing to accomplish, including the US and Canada. Gamestop is far from a monopoly, Microsoft is the closest we have seen to a monopoly in a very long time, but even then, MS is still far from a genuine monopoly thanks to open source software like Linux.

Gamestop, as a company, does what they do well, and that is why they are now everywhere. The individual stores depend on the local employee pool, thus, local attitudes and ethics will always influence how an individual store operates. It's the huge flaw in corporations that people often neglect to consider, especially for franchises. The locals make the store what it is.

Seattle sucks, thus most stores for any business here suck. A majority of the populace have superiority complexes and others are often unskilled in spite of possessing massive numbers of degrees in everything. Almost no one here takes their jobs seriously, and very few people are capable in customer service positions, they need a lot of practice in acting before they'd be even close to ready for such tasks. There are some small pockets of good stores, like the Starbucks and Subway close to me, those are decent to awesome employees. The businesses operated the best in my area are those where the owners are also the manual laborers due to size, but their products are expensive, and rightfully so, thus I am unable to shop there that often. Of course, the majority of small businesses here are Asian rugs stores now, and face it, those are just useless.

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