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What if Namco Bandai made another Pac-Man World sequel? I played Pac-Man World 2 to death on the Gamecube back when I was little (I think I was like 5 or 6 years old) and loved it so much, I literally cried when I beat it. Pac-Man World 3 was okay, but the level design was worse, the voice acting was annoying, and the combat was lame. If they make a Pac-Man World 4, I want them to make it follow in the footsteps of Pac-Man World 2. Maybe long ago during the "Pac-Ghost Wars" one of Pac-Man's ancestors, Sir Pac-A-Lot, defeated a traitor named Jagghoul (pronounced Jag-ool) who infused his body with a ghost, but was ultimately defeated. Then the Ghost Gang retrieves his soul from the Spirit Realm, then returning him to Pac-Land in his physical, non-transperent form. He and the Ghost Gang then plot to destroy the entire Pac-Land.
In this game, Pac-Man has to travel through 4 different time periods: Present Day, Middle Ages, Black-and-White Cartoon Days, and the Future, with his ancestors Sir Pac-A-Lot, Paceye the Sea Voyager (inspired by Popeye), and Starpac. Four player co-op is present and each character has unique abilities (Pac-Man can Butt-Bounce and Rev Roll, Sir Pac-A-Lot has Sword and Shield, Paceye can grow big and strong and use abilities like punch and kick and throws random objects like pianos and oil cans similar to characters in old-timey shows, and Starpac can use a Hoverboard and a Laser Gun). You travel through time multiple times in each level, so if it's impossible to go somewhere in a certain time, you use a time machine placed at convinient spots to progress through a level (similar to Sonic CD's time travel mechanic but easier and less annoying).
There are eight worlds: Grasslands, Underground Mines, Spoooky Woods, Wild West Canyon, Snowy Plains, Fantasy Land, Underwater Castles, and Jagghoul's Volcanic Lair, and a secret Pac-Labyrinth world. Each world has 5-7 levels and a Boss Level, and each level is more platforming based like Pac-Man World 2, and there are 2D sections and Power-Ups like Pac-Man World 3. What do you guys think?
I also had an idea where they could do a 2D platforming game where Ms. Pac-Man is kidnapped and Pac-Man and a Blue, Pink, and Green Pac-Man must save her, with 2.5D graphics and gameplay like Donkey Kong Country Returns and Rayman Origins, but with elements and ideas form the Pac-Man series, or an all-new 3D platforming Pac-Man game based off the television series (I like my Pac-Man World 4 idea the best though)
What do you guys think? Is this a good idea? Sorry it's so long...

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I think Pac-Man seriously needs an amazing adventure game if they want people to like him again. All he's had since his new look have been party games and nobody truely cares about those all that much. I want a GOOD game with the new Pac-Man!

Also I really really REALLY want a Katamari game for Wii U.
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I know not many other people like it but Pac Man 2: The New Adventures for SNES is one of my favorite Pac Man games. The music is catchy and the game is full of charm. They should re-release it on the Virtual Console. I could never get into to Pac Man World 2 on my Xbox though. Don't know why. Pac Man World for PSX looked more fun.

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I want Pac-Man World 4 just as much as you do but with Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures there's very little chance of it happening. I remember the good days, Pac-Man World 2 and Pac-Man: Adventures in Time were both fantastic games. Pac-Man World 4 could bring new life to Pac-Man, for the true fans, not just kids that watch Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. Used to love Pac-Man, little chance of Pac-Man World 4...

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

I think Pac-Man seriously needs an amazing adventure game if they want people to like him again. All he's had since his new look have been party games and nobody truely cares about those all that much. I want a GOOD game with the new Pac-Man!
Also I really really REALLY want a Katamari game for Wii U.

Yeah, let's just forget Pac Man Championship Edition, and Pac Man Battle Royale.

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speaking of Pac. anyone heard of this game? Untitled

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I really hope pac man world 4 happens one day. Pac man world 2 is one of my favourite games. It was just so well made and had so much potential to become this great series but for whatever reason they never made anything else after world 3.



That reminds me: I need to finish Pac-man World 2 at some point. I got stuck on the level RIGHT before Spooky.

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I too loved Pac-Man World 2 on the GameCube. I never really played much of the other two, though. I'd love to see a new one if it were close in gameplay to the second. I wish they'd revert back to Pac-Man's classic design, though, like they did in Smash Bros. As someone who detests The Ghostly Adventures, I really don't want the game to have parallels with the TV series. Betrayus is a somewhat-cool villain, I suppose, so I wouldn't be too upset if he were included, but that's the ONLY TV show tie-in I'd be down with. I'm not sure how I feel about your idea for a storyline, though. Time travel seems a bit overdone in gaming as it is, and I don't know that it would be an enjoyable gameplay mechanic in the way you describe it. It sounds too focused on using time travel for solving puzzles, as opposed to straight-up platforming. Your world ideas sound fine, though. One feature I would add is multiplayer co-op, with one player perhaps controlling Ms. Pac-Man. I would want the multiplayer to be balanced, though, and not just "Player 2 gets to be a helper by pointing and clicking on stuff!" A 360-degree camera angle would be nice, too. And, of course, HD visuals, but those are a no-brainer.


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@Not_Soos: Pac-Man: Adventures in Time used time travel as a core game concept, and it turned out surprisingly well. The game was released in 2000 for PC, and I feel it is, by far, the most underrated Pac-Man game. It's incredibly disappointing and a bit depressing to see Bandai Namco treat the Pac-Man IP like this. I hate being a pessimist, but it's almost certain we'll never another Pac-Man World game or any good Pac-Man game again.



i like for one to happen

(i still need to beat the other three games )

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I love how this thread gets resurrected for small to no reason.

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