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I for one am sick of game milking the analog sticks these days! Seems like with many games you move the charachter with an anlog stick, if you push foward, He/She GOES FOWARD!!!

Seems like most games with a gun - you push a button and they shoot the gun - that been milked to death as well....pushing a button to shoot a gun, ugh, been there done that!

Chorus : (to the tune of 'we didnt start the fire')

In the last 13 years Mario Glaxay 2 looks a lot like Mario Galaxy 1 which was not like Mario Sunshine which was not like Mario 64 which was not like any game that came before it -

we didn't start the fire, miyamoto did

we didnt start the fire its been burning before little big planet was turning!

and on and on and on....

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on handheld I'm guessing BiS, though I hope Spirit Tracks turns out to be great.



Odnetnin wrote:

A lot of us predicted Scribblenauts to be Game of the Year way back... I wish it had lived up to the hype.

Scribblenauts was the biggest disapointment in years for me.

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Game of the year? As in, 2009? Here's a better question! Who cares?



RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

MetalMario wrote:

RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

Chrono+Cross wrote:

RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

I don't think NSMBWii will even be nominated for GOTY. It isn't anything we haven't seen before. It is something we have been seeing milked for the last twenty years.

We're not talking about just any ordinary Mario game here buddy ol' pal were talking a 2-D Mario adventure on a console. We don't see one of these every year now do we?

Definite nomination for GOTY.

It is another Mario game, we have seen it before, that is my point. It is nothing new.

New power-ups, new 4-player mode, new powerups.

How intelligent. They always have at least one new powerup, it doesn't effect the gameplay at all. 4 player is really the only new thing.

Actually the entire point of a powerup is that it effects the gameplay. They wouldn't have them if they did nothing at all. Don't be silly--the first 2-D Mario game to hit a home console in 15 years, complete with cooperative multiplayer. And it's created by Miymoto. If you don't think it's going to be nominated then your head's on wrong. You may not want it to be nominated, but it's sure as heck going to be.
But the way things are going, I'm thinking Uncharted 2 is going to win the most GOTY awards.

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii looks like it has a fair chance. BIS was rubbish, and Scribblenauts disappointed.

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Odnetnin wrote:

pixelman wrote:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii looks like it has a fair chance. BIS was rubbish, and Scribblenauts disappointed.

Though BIS is far from rubbish, I otherwise agree.

BIS is a teensy bit over-rated (it's a really great game, don't get me wrong, but a 10/10? Not quite). Let's not forget we have a new Zelda game coming out in two months--Zelda and GOTY sort of go hand in hand.

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