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Let's talk about controllers!

What Collections have you build over the years (joysticks, dance mats, steering wheels, gamepads...)? What are your favorites? Have you got any limited or modded Controllers in your collection? Are you still using old controllers on newer devices (with adapters or otherwise)?

I've started console gaming on the N64 and always played a bit on the PC. Still, I honestly cannot point to a favorite controller. In terms of grippability and face button layout, it's probably the GameCube controller. But I never liked it's shoulder buttons, the miniscule d-pad or the fact that the C-stick didn't have a proper top for an analogue stick. Then there's the Wiimote(Plus!) + Nunchuck, which I absolutely love, despite some ergonomic complaints with some of its buttons. Pointer controls aren't for every genre, but I still think they're one of the greatest innovations in the consoles' controller repertoire.

My experience with non-Nintendo gamepads is pretty limited. The 360 gamepad is great for its triggers and grippability, but kind of heavy for my taste. Never liked the Playstation gamepads much, as they don't feel like they're melting into my hands like other controllers. Still, the Dualshock 3 has been functional during the time I spent with it.

The most recent addition to my controller collection are those two beauties:


They're pretty versatile, as I can use them on the Wii U, as well as on the PC an PS3 with a Mayflash adapter. The idea of changing the faceplates came from someone who painted the faceplate of their black Dualshock 4 in white. Had to import via Playasia, as the white Wii U Pro controller isn't even being sold in Europe. Ironically, this came cheaper than buying them from

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