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FZero is one of my favourite racing games of all time, up there with Mario Kart but isn't aimed at casual players or even kids and that's why i think it stands out from Mario Kart. If there were to be a new FZero game in the works for NX, Wii U or the 3DS then here's the things i'd like to see.

Artstyle; For the graphics i would like to see a comic book graphic style, similar to Street Fighter 4's, Jet Set Radio's artstyle or the new Zelda Wii U's artstyle but with a comic book look, why? because that's what the original FZero Snes had. It felt like i was playing something straight out from a comic book with that generic view on what the 90's seen as the future and also there's already many other futuristic racers that have realistic graphics.

Soundtrack; The soundtrack is also what stood out from FZero whether it's Mute City, Big Blue (the best in my opinion) and Sand Ocean also FZero Maximum Velocity also had a pretty rad soundtrack.

Challenge; I would want it to be challenging as the original such as avoiding obstacles, dodging, jumping and if you vehicle breaks down you burn like the original with the music silencing out.

Time Period; I'd rather see it continue on from the original with the same set of characters aswell as some new ones and some from the other games.

Online play; Who doesn't want to challenge racers online similar to Mario Kart 8 but with something like when you get ranked out being taken out from multiplayer.

Customisation; I would like to be able to have a character create option with changing the look of your vehicle and changing the performance of the vehicle via upgrades.

More tracks

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All they had to do was make an improved GX with online in HD on Wii U and I'd be satisfied.

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