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In itself it would be awesome. Just don't put "The Legend of Zelda" in the title.

Hyrule now has trains and photography, so you'll never know where it ends. Perhaps that's where it came from.

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I think it's advancing in that direction already. Just look at Spirit Tracks.

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I can see how it would work. The series badly needs a kick up the arse 'Twilight Princess' is good but feels like a re-tread of the same old ground.

A 'wind-waker'-type reinvention of the series is in order methinks, to hell with whining fanboys, go and play 'Ocarina Of Time' AGAIN, if you want the series to NEVER EVER grow or evolve EVER AGAIN.

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Blue+Protoman wrote:

Yeah, but he won't live forever.

**gasp** blasphemy!

future of NL >:3
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lol he will live forever in his gaming creations

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I own those games....

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weirdadam wrote:

He is definitely lying. I would like to see a Zelda-esque game set in a "futuristic" world, but they really should abandon the name Zelda at that point. The game has enough sequels already.

That would be like abandoning the name Mario for Mario games.. It won't happen, and it shouldn't happen.

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theblackdragon wrote:

Blue+Protoman wrote:

Yeah, but he won't live forever.

**gasp** blasphemy!

Blasphemy? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to see a Zelda where Link goes after aliens on another world who kidnapped Princess Zelda!

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TourianTourist wrote:

Nintendo already has made a futuristic Zelda game. It's called "Metroid", be sure to check it out.

No, we should be more specific. It's called Metroid Prime. The original series was nothing like Zelda.

Firkraag wrote:

weirdadam wrote:

He is definitely lying. I would like to see a Zelda-esque game set in a "futuristic" world, but they really should abandon the name Zelda at that point. The game has enough sequels already.

That would be like abandoning the name Mario for Mario games.. It won't happen, and it shouldn't happen.

You seem to have misunderstood. I was saying if Nintendo wants to make a game set in the future that is similar to Zelda, they should create a new series with a completely new universe rather than trying to transpose the characters of a pseudo-medieval universe into a futuristic universe they are ill-suited to inhabit. I'm certainly not suggesting they make a new Zelda or Mario game but just give it another name, like how the last Batman movie was just called Dark Knight (bad example, but all I could think of).

It would be interesting to see how Hyrule would work with advanced technology, especially in a Final Fantasy-ish way where it's still (for some reason) partly medieval-looking... but I'd rather just have a new series instead of the one millionth sequel to a tired franchise.

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StarWolf wrote:

I'm pretty sure that was a hoax, it was just a fan who made an ensemble of his own designs of a futuristic zelda game.

You mean art stolen from Star Wars games concept art. Nobody put any work into it. It was just an April Fools joke.

It's funny how whenever the phrase "futuristic Zelda" comes up people always leap to space age (or at least GTA-clone modern day) assumptions about what that has to mean. "Futuristic" for Hyrule may not be the same as it is for us. They might see different kinds of technological advancements at different times from us. It doesn't even have to go that far into the future either. They just have to add in something that impacts the way the people of Hyrule live their lives and interact with one another.

And like some people have already pointed out, various things already have been added into the mix bit by bit across some of these games anyway. Of course, TWW in particular stands out because the people are forced to adapt when the flood changes their world completely. And any games they make that follow on along that timeline will continue on with that as their heritage.

While MM isn't set in Hyrule, the clockwork based technology that seemed to dominate there proves to still be relevant to Hyrule anyway when we saw in TP that such technology was also used in certain ancient structures in Hyrule. I'd actually like to see a story set in whatever point in Hyrule's past where clockwork devices like that were more commonplace. (edit: If you think about it, certain items in the games like the hookshot or the clawshot seem to fit in with this sort of technology, don't they? Imagine a time period where everyone has these things and uses them to get around, rather than it just being a rare artifact found in an ancient temple.)

TP itself saw the Goron tribes become much more industrialized that they were when we saw them in OoT. I mean, the OoT Goron had a small mine where they dug up "sirloin" rocks for their own eating pleasure, and the TP Goron have a large mine full of magnets and machinery... and beyond that their race is known for being merchants (as in TWW) and builders. They went from being an isolated little circle of gluttons to being an integral aspect of Hyrule society. (If only we could see the Zora make the same kind of transition!)

For the entire series in general, consider what switches look like in many of the temples / dungeons. Crystal balls / diamonds that change color / light up when struck and are impervious to all damage? Eye shaped panels that open / close when shot and don't react to other forms of attack? Anyone ever wonder WTF kind of technology is involved in these devices? And then there's the various forms of lazer beam shooting eye statues (especially popular in LttP and OoT dungeons). Typical medieval fantasy world, and suddenly there's a near invincible death machine mercilessly blasting you with lazers? Where did that come from?

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Lol long post. I didn't make this up my friend did. i dont belive him at all

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Lol long post. I didn't make this up my friend did. i dont belive him at all

Well you should not believe him at all.

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I think it'd be cool if it took place in the future, and some kid found out he's a direct decendent of Link or something. Nintendo could make it work.

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@ Kid_A:
Dude, all of the Link's are by coincidence. The Zeldas are named after the one in Zelda 2, when Zelda's brother (king of Hyrule) decreed all female royality of hyrule willbe named Zelda. Link is just a popular name and is a way to honor the first Link, from Orcarina.

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Well then

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Yeah... Zelda 2 tried to establish that in its backstory, but every game since then has rendered it irrelevant. You forgot the part where a dispute over who should inherit the Triforce when the king died (their father, Zelda's brother was just a prince in the story and their father was dying) is what led to the original Zelda being cursed to an eternal sleep, and the prince hid the Triforce of Courage until someone worthy of it could come along.

The Triforce is depicted in the NES games as mere trinkets. They're extremely powerful trinkets when joined together as one, but they're treated entirely as solid objects in the NES games while games from OoT onwards have treated the Triforce as more of a conceptual object. Sometimes it has a physical form and sometimes it transcends reality.

The games from LttP onwards have generally made the Triforce out to be something that almost thinks for itself, and its origins have been stated to be that it is something that the three goddesses left behind of themselves after they created the world. This does not seem to be the case in the NES games. It's more like the NES version of the Triforce has lost most of its divine essence and is now just a powerful concentration of magic.

The problem is that the Triforce's place in the sleeping Zelda legend through to the NES games contradicts the Triforce origins established in the games since then. The story aims to explain why every princess of Hyrule is named Zelda, but it locks the Triforce of Courage away from the world (so effectively that everybody forgets that it exists) until it is recovered in Zelda 2. But in the Triforce's origin story it was placed in the Sacred Realm when it was created, and that's where it stayed until OoT when Ganondorf tried to claim it.

If you really want that story to be THE reason and the ONLY reason why ANY king of Hyrule would ever think to name a daughter Zelda, you need to start making up some excuses for how the story can fit within the origin story and how the Triforce actually gets from one place to another.

Or you can just accept that they scrapped that idea and the NES games work best tacked on to some far distant end of the timeline. Personally, I've been leaning towards the TWW side of the split in some far off future where the lands of Hyrule have been unflooded and repopulated, and the Zelda 2 backstory can take place at the beginning of this NEW Hyrule's history. LttP, though originally intended as prequel to those, now seems to work best on the TP side of the split and not connected to them at all.

I'm convinced that they had no idea what they were doing with the series until OoT or later, especially considering that Miyamoto considers story only as an afterthought and it is Aunoma who we now must rely on to care whether or not any of this actually makes sense. (He failed at this pretty bad in TP by letting them skip so much of what happened between OoT/MM and the attempted execution scene.)



Zelda already is futureistic, Tunics that allow you to breath under water, and have you seen a real hook shot?

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