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Just saw this now:

Police said a naked man who appeared to be drunk or on drugs broke into a home in Slidell, cooked and ate a meal and took a shower before leaving, wrapped only in a sheet. Slidell Police Capt. Kevin Foltz said a video surveillance system at the home shows that the naked man first used a garden hose to shower outside the house. He later broke several windows, entered the house and ransacked it before cooking himself a meal, having several drinks and showering again. It happened early Monday while the home's owner was away.

Police chief Freddy Drennan was hoping for the public's help in finding the suspect. Pictures of the man have been released, including one that was on the front page of The Times-Picayune on Wednesday.

Somebody set up us the bomb.
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@Ramadas: Serves them right. Too bad other incidents like this turn out worse for the intended victim.

Edit: would have liked to seen that. Had to be embarassing as H*ll for those idiots.
Thought they were bad and got their butts kicked. heh.
It's nice to see a bully get his.

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