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What is your latest freaky/scary nightmare? Mine is where Herobrine managed to possess me. I destroyed everything in my path...I was nothing but a mindless killer/destroyer...

What is YOUR latest nightmare?

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A few nights ago, I had a dream where I was trying to run over some crazed shooter with a minivan.. I failed for some reason though.

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I had a dream where my best friend died. I woke up all freaked out.
I've also had a couple dreams about Slenderman chasing me and stuff.

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I dreamed about Giygas once.

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Mine is when I was Stuck. A cliff in front of me, 64 tribes of 4 people behind me, ganondorf left, 50,000,000 Killers next to me. So I jumped off and landed on my bed. I woke 2 times there.

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In my nightmare i fell in a well full of redeads... Again.... maybey i should play less zelda

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Being chased by a random man down my street.. Quite scary and has happened the odd time! The dream that is... not the actual event!

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