Topic: First Video Game-related Website You Ever Went To?

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It was likely Gamespot for me. I even went on their forums. However, I felt left out there and decided to come here after I read the NL WiiWare and VC reviews. Now I don't even visit Gamespot much except to check on any new DKC:TF videos they did with full audio of the game.



The first site I frequently visited was Minecraft Forums. Before that, I don't know, maybe some wikis or something.

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Ngamer's website, which linked to CVG. I then got into this website...



Strange, mine was likely the MMHP as well... either that or IGN.

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Probably super cheats or serebii

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TysonOfTime wrote:

Strange, mine was likely the MMHP as well... either that or IGN.

Heh, what a coincidence.

Also so many people went to IGN first...interesting. I know I went there after I got my own computer in 2007, but I had been to a few other websites in '06 beforehand. At least, I'm pretty sure I did.

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Mine was gaming-universe. But no one will know it except maybe hes german since its a german site XD. they ve gone way down with bringing news

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Probably, but one early one I used to visit alot was the Yoshi's Story site, where you could raise your own Yoshi...until day 100 then it would be over. I think i managed to visit that Yoshi almost all 100 days even though I was in like 3rd or 4th grade at the time, and had limited access to the computer.

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I believe it was the Peach Community on If that doesn't count, then it was IGN.

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Probably IGN, could have been Gamespot.



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