Topic: First Video Game-related Website You Ever Went To?

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As far as I can remember: it was IGN.

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I think it was Zelda Dungeon. That or IGN.

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IGN because like few years ago or something i was the largest fan boy ever..but i have grown to accept things the way they are

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tumblr's better...

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I have no clue. It might have been IGN, but I honestly have no idea..

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I think it was the "Revista Nintendo" site but that was many years ago(at least 7) that magazine is gone for good and so is the site...

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Oh man, it's been so long now, I'm not totally sure.

I might've gone to a few game websites before then, but I want to think the first one I visited somewhat regularly was The Grand Adventures, which was a Zelda site that no longer exists.


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Gamespot and/or VGMusic. I'd be genuinely surprised if more than one of you recognize that latter site.

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It was probably Gamespot or IGN. I'm not good with remembering stuff like this, so I can't give a satisfactory percentage split between which one I was more likely to visit first.

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Hmmm probably or at least thats what I can remember. I remember going onto their site on the school's computers back in my senior year of high school in 96. Since back than that was the only way I could get onto the internet since my parents refused to by me a computer.

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

Gamespot and/or VGMusic. I'd be genuinely surprised if more than one of you recognize that latter site.

Holy cow, I haven't thought about VGMusic in years! I used to go there all the time - and, honestly, the site looks exactly the same as when I last went there.

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I really have no idea. It might have IGN,PCgamer or was most likely some random walkthrough site.


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It might've been Zelda Planet or Nintendo Land (the site, not the game)

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There's a website called: I luv that website and I have an account on that website, too. On that webstie... my profile name is Warrior. That was the game related website I joined. I luv and I use my Warrior profile alot. I joined Nintendolife recently because GameInformer doesn't really cover alotta Nintendo news.

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It was either Gamefaqs, Nsider, or IGN.


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