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So I've recently been toying with the idea of trying to find a job as a QA Tester, mostly just to see what it's like. I know what it entails but every job posting I've seen says "3 (or however many) years professional experience required". What I can't seem to find much info on is exactly how to get an entry-level job in the industry.

I'm curious if any of you have ever looked into this or have any advice/experience on the matter. Thanks!



Can't give you much advice besides the fact that the "3 years experience required" thing applies for every industry out there. To break into the industry you either have to know a guy or be really determined. Maybe apply for some of the experience required positions anyway and talk up your other strengths? Either that or try and join a freeware/MMO/indie title which is having a wide beta/balancing test and go from there.

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Do you have a computer-related degree? QA testing jobs require specific skills and knowledge, it's not just playing games and looking for bugs. For example, min/max/out-of-range testing; you're looking for specific things that break the game. A lot of times a company is looking for a degree, or experience to match.

Jollykarp's advice about testing indie/freeware titles (think of it as an unpaid internship) sounds good. If you're looking for a paid job, you had better be sure you understand testing methodologies before showing up for an interview, because you're going to be asked about them. (I've been in software development for three decades, and a really good tester is worth their weight in gold.)
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Thanks for the advice and taking the time to help! I wasn't sure anyone would respond I mostly wanted to get some additional info as it's been difficult to find. I've heard QA testing is one way to break into the industry but obviously getting that experience is a huge undertaking in-and-of itself. I'll see how it goes.



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