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longtimegamer wrote:

Multiple. Sometimes may end up restarting one if it's been too long. I started Twilight Princess way back when the Wii first came out. I got at least around to where Link could control his wolf form, never finished it. Have to decide if I want to restart that one or just continue some day. I do finish some games though.

Same with me, I got it at the same time. Got about half way through the game, stopped playing. But I recently restarted it.

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I thought Twilight Princess was a bit on the long side, but the cut scenes kept up my interest. I did find it problematic that there was a crisis facing the world but yet I had people asking me to do stupid things like catch bugs and go fishing -- kind of takes me out of the story when joe on the street doesn't seem to think hordes of rampaging monsters and the world being plunged into twilight is less important than their personal problems.

I did dislike having to go to walkthroughs for some bits, though most of them did turn out to be things that I could have figured out myself if my brain had been working better. The end boss fight went on a bit, though. Every time I started to get fed up I'd finish a section and there would be a really nice cut scene with the characters and their wonderful facial expressions (Link just melts your heart, doesn't he?) and I'd forgive the game for pissing me off and continue on with it.

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Yeah Twilight Princess is one of those games I don't even want to finish.

I just keep it because it's Zelda and it looks nice.



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