Topic: FE:A Lunatic Mode Frustratons/Experiances.

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After beating FE:A in Normal and Hard mode, I felt Confident in Going to the devils Favorite Difficulty ''Lunatic Mode!'' , I was ready, then I got a Game Over fast! I wondered, I picked Casual Mode (I picked Loser Mode, Don't judge me!) in all of my previous modes, I wished I could still fight until all of my Units ''Died'', After biting my Pillow in the late night (it happened last night), I beat the Prologue! But Chapter 1... I got Stumped, so I looked up YouTube Vids to beat the Chapter and I realized how slow the Game was until after Chapter 3, I STILL Looking up YouTube Vids just to beat Chap.3!! If anyone wants to share their Frustrations or Miracles in Lunatic modes, you are welcome! 3,2,1, Go!!

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I think this could be better as a post in the main thread for the game than as a separate topic.

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The only surviving members at the end were Gregor and Nowi (Growi FTW), Donnel, Robin, Chrom, Tharja, Henry and Panne.
Frederick was close to surviving, but him and Donnel were right next to an extremely powerful dark magician. I had to sacrifice one, or lose both. So I sacrificed Frederick to save Donnel.
Most of the team are widows or widowers. Stupid inability to remarry people... Gregor and Nowi were the only surviving couple.
Many tragic tales I have to tell, but I will on another thread.



Doesn't it kind of defeat the point if you're looking up YouTube videos for how to do it? I mean, whatever works for you, but for me that'd just remove all the fun.

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This should go in the main OT like Happymask_Salesman said.

But yeah, it's pretty hard.

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