Topic: Favourite Video Game Music Track?

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Bought Musashi Samurai Legend last month, it's got a great soundtrack, here's a couple of my favorites:

Musashi Samurai Legend - Meltdown

Musashi Samurai Legend - Temple of the Ancients

Musashi Samurai Legend - A New Hope (Industrial Version)



Wow, there's been a fluctuation of 08'ers recently.

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I've been on an Ace Attorney mood lately, so here are my top picks from all 5 localized games:
Ace Attorney: Cornered-2001

Trials and Tribulations:Cornered-2003

Apollo Justice: Objection!

Ace Attorney Investigations: Guarians of the Law

Ace Attorney: Maya Fey-Turnabout Sisters

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Swamp Stage, SO GOOD!

Desert Stage

Clock Tower Stage

Final Boss Theme

yoshi's disco
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another winter-anamanaguchi (yes, thats the name. my cat was definitely not sleeping on my keyboard...)

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games with the best music?
kirby, pilmin, journey, and more i just cant think right now

Super Smash Bros. Can't Wait!

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This is a great track from Total Annihilation (PC RTS game). TA had context-sensitive music, so it'd switch between tracks depending on what was happening. This track was one of the ones that started up when the fighting began:

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I love it - it instantly brings back memories of hours playing TA! It bears some similarities to John Williams' score for the Star Wars movies, which I'm also a fan of, so I'm sure that helps

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