Topic: Favourite Video Game Music Track?

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Chrono Trigger

Magus Lair:


Manoria Cathedral:

Guardia's Castle:

End of Times:

Underground Sewer:


Middle Ages:


Medina Village:

Peaceful Days:

Memories of Green:

Square Leen:

Robo's Theme:

Frog's Theme:

Lucca's Theme :


Ruins 16:

Mystic Mountain:

Tyrano Lair:

Ruined World:


Bike Race:

Lavos Theme:

My favorite SNES RPG!!!

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the opening song from kingdom hearts 358/2



I like many Jet Set Radio Future songs. I would list more from other games, but this is the only game I like the most that comes to mind.

Funky Dealer:
Fly Like a Butterfly:
Concept of Love:
Oldies But Happies:
Like This Like That:
Some of the greatest songs I've heard in video games! They're very well mixed!

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Mine is the ballad of the Great Mighty Poo from Conkers Bad Fur Day on the N64. I love this song for the lyrics, the boss fight that surrounded the song, and the sing along nature (a little poo bounces over the words). It is quite possible the funniest song from a video game ever. Don't be afraid to sing along

WARNING: the video in the following link contains objectionable material and a couple of swear words. If you are offended by such things, do not click on the link.

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When I was playing Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for the first time yesterday, I was really surprised at how catchy Marble Garden Zone's theme was:

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Paper Mario gets a lot of love around here...

Over Shiver Mountain

Gloam Valley

I think these are my two favorite Nintendo VGM's ever.

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Go Leafs Go!


Ballkirby1, I think I just came over a huge nostalgia wave after listening to that.

Go Leafs Go!


I'm playing Radiant Historia, and I don't think I'm capable of describing the soundtrack.



Currently listening to the original soundtrack of Silent Hill it...especially Heaven's Night and Alone In The Town...

Good ol'times

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Law's theme, Two Different Sides, PlayStation Arranged...

Gives me the goosebumps for 15 years, everytime i hear it, and this one too. (Michelle's theme, Nobody Can Catch Me, PlayStation Arrange)...

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I have plenty of favorites, Here are My favorites from one of My favorite games, World Heroes Perfect...

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Such a beautiful song, and my favorite overall track from Croc 2

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