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Resident Evil 2 original soundtrack

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Had an OMG moment while watching the SUPERB "Black Swan" last night. Well, actually several, courtesy of ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, but I'm not even going there. This had to do with the music. During one of the dance company's practices, I heard music that sounded ever so familiar...
Then, I realized it. "OH CRAP THEY'RE USING FINAL FANTASY II MUSIC IN AN OSCAR-WINNING FILM"! Felt stupid when a family member watching it with me told me the piece originated from Swan Lake, but still amazing to hear. Film was amazing and epic. So far, it's my pic of the best pic nominees. And Nattie Kattie, Mila Kunis and Noni friggin Ryder in the same movie? Brunette beauty Heaven! And I thought the National Title game last night would be the highlight of the evening. That was a lowlight for the entire year. This movie was the highlight.

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This my all time favorite ending theme,, and this theme... , and pretty much everything from Chrono Trigger. Also this theme form Pokemon Soulsilver

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Work that sucka to death, come on now! Work that sucka to death! It's not as scary as the North American version...
Boss Music - Sonic CD (JP and PAL versions)

This song is beautiful. It might be a bit cheesy, but it always reminds me to never give up hope; inside my mind I will see Cosmic Eternity.
Cosmic Eternity (Believe in Yourself) - Sonic CD (JP and PAL versions) (Performed by Keiko Utoku and Naofumi Hataya)

WARNING! May contain Sonic Colors spoilers! Another cheesy Sonic song! It has a good beat, though. It kind of reminds me of Adventure Time for some reason. Must be the autotuning.
Speak With Your Heart - Sonic Colors (Wii version) (Performed by Cash Cash)

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First, my favorite Professor Layton song. Picking my favorite Layton song was like picking a favorite movie, nearly impossible.
and then this song makes a terrible camera tolerable
then, finally you cannot beat a singing frog

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Mother Brain's theme from Super Metroid. The streets shall be flooded with that song when the apocalypse happens...

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All of a sudden, this is my new favorite VG song ever. And you can bet I'll have a new BL theme so I can use it as a theme song.



I have no idea what this guy is singing, but I'm liking how it sounds!
Fairy of A.I.F - Sonic Gems Collection (based on Aurora Icefield from Sonic the Fighters)

A song like this is hard to describe. It's calm and relaxing, yet a bit sad, too. It's beautiful...
Extras Menu - Sonic Mega Collection

Gusty Garden Galaxy is to Super Mario Galaxy as Cloudy Court Galaxy is to its sequel. This music is enchanting, lovely, and an absolute joy to listen to (just like every other song in the game).
Cloudy Court Galaxy (Fluffy Bluff Galaxy) - Super Mario Galaxy 2 (composed by Mahito Yokota, Ryō Nagamatsu, and Koji Kondo)

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Strike Man's level theme is pretty good.

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The Metal Slug series has a few good songs too.

Metal Slug: Final Mission
Metal Slug X: Judgement (Mission 1)
Metal Slug X: Living on the Deck (Mission 3)

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It's been quite a while since I played Sonic Rush Adventure. I completely forgot how amazing this track was. It makes me want to get up and dance. If you listen closely, you might here a bit of Sonic 3's File Select music...
Windmill Village "Mode 4" - Sonic Rush Adventure

As many of you know, The World Ends with You is my favorite DS game. It has music that is just as awesome as its story (I hear you TWEWY haters complaining!). Here's one of its many amazing J-POP tunes!
Someday - The World Ends with You

I always feel on top of the world when I hear this song. It definately has that "Final Fantasy vibe" in it!
Fanfare 1 ~ Lucca's Theme - Chrono Trigger

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Dark Bowser's Theme from Bowser's Inside Story

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I was browsing someone's website, and he had a set of articles on the Sega CD (and how it ruined SEGA), and it touched upon how they seemed so keen to produce a full length (and hilariously bad in most cases) theme track for most of the games - to justify their higher storage capacity. Here are two of them.
(Ultraverse Prime)
(Spider-man vs. Kingpin - my favourite of the two, it has to be said.)

Awful lyrics, but pretty catchy, wouldn't you say? Especially those rocking guitars!

(I would link to the site, but it has a few nsfw elements)

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