Topic: Favourite Video Game Music Track?

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Guardian Heroes - Jazzy Sabotage

Skies of Arcadia - Victory in Battle

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The moment I heard this tune for the first time I knew I was about to start something great when I downloaded Shovel Knight a few days ago. The title theme quickly became one of my favorites, and it's one theme I just simply cannot stop listening to. ... Oh, and the game is fantastic as well.

To each their own

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To each their own


KS 3 - OST 7

KS 3 - Desert-Rose

Witch of Steel: Annerose - Immorality Elegy

Anti-Demon Ninja Yukikaze - Vs. Anti-Demon Yukikaze Dancing

^Not official English titles of the songs, but that's how I got them. Fitting titles if you ask me, giving the setting of KS 3 and the 2 heroines being beautiful and deadly, and Annerose being the witch controlling the dead. If anyone has better translation of - 熱砂ノ薔薇, 対魔忍ユキカゼ-舞う, 背徳エレジー, then I'd love to know.

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NeoTokyo - Scrap I/O
NeoTokyo - Haka
NeoTokyo - Nimbus

To be honest, just about every track is fantastic, it's just that these stand out a bit more. If you enjoyed any of it, make sure to listen to the rest of the soundtrack.

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Wow, there's way too many to pick from. But one comes to mind and that is the Forest of Hope song for the first Pikmin game on the GameCube. I don't know why but Pikmin music is just great and relaxing to listen to! ^_^ Another favourite of mine is the main theme for The Last Of Us. Animal Crossing music is also great.

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Star Ocean: Till The End of Time has by far my favorite video game soundtrack.

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