Topic: Favourite Video Game Music Track?

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A game I never got to far into. I beat the first Vandal Hearts, but only gave the second game a good 7-8 hours before stopping. This song though, was catchy enough for me to remember.

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I'd recognize it instantly! After all, I liked it so much that I recorded it in high quality onto my computer, straight from the game!
(Unfortunately, YouTube tells me the title when I hover over it )

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Its funny how you comment considering you avatar is the boss' theme.
Anyway, I have been playing Paper Mario recently. Here are two songs that are memorable out in my opinion.

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I really love the Super Smash Bros Brawl soundtrack.
Some of my favorites:

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Castlevania:SOTN - Dance of Pales

Castlevania :SOTN - Lost Painting

Dragon Quest IX - Heaven's Prayer

Dragon Quest IX - The Sun - Gathering Village

Legend of Dragoon - menu music

Mass Effect 3 - I'm Sorry

Mass Effect 3 - An End Once and For All

Silent Hill 4:The Room - Nightmarish Waltz

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