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GamecubeMan wrote:

Anybody know specifically what game in the Fire Emblem Series song is from? The only reason why I know it exists is because of Smash Bros.

Fie Emblem Gaiden (Fire Emblem 2, it was only released in Japan).
Pretty neat song.

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Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Theme

Dat nostalgic. **** it! I'm playing this game again. Even though it sucked. turns on his PS2



there are more, MANY more but I don't want to flood the whole page at once

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Mushroom Hill Zone from Sonic 3&K
It's just so hummable. Never gone a day without listening to it.

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Fire Emblem (GBA) Together We Ride

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones - Determination

Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi - Idoun's Theme

Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi - King Zephiel's Theme

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - Trouble!

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I really like the music in the Hyrule dungeons. The trumpet player's tone is just amazing. However I not entirely sure what the track is called though. :/

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Swim, Ikachan! for such a short game with so much potential, its music was part of the hype for adventure. the music set the mood, got you on your feet (or tentacles), and gave you a boost. the music was enough to play this game, and just where the game ended was when it stopped, unfortunately. the thing about Ikachan is that the game sets the scene and atmosphere for something great, but the ending totally abandoned everything. after all, its about sea critters running out of food, while also under the threat of authority and earthquakes. whats not to love? the game is free online, guys.

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