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In most Legend of Zelda games there has been a different Zelda featured with a unique personality. Which one is your favorite and why?

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Sheik because Sheik is like a Ninja

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I like the TP incarnation the most and tetra from WW the least. I really cant stand how bossy and sometimes even rude she is.


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She was a pain to control but...

And by extension, Tetra.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Morpheel wrote:

She was a pain to control but...

And by extension, Tetra.

This. Tetra (LOLSPOILERS) was just a really fun, cool character that I still want to see appear in at least one more game. And Spirit Tracks Zelda was really fun, mainly because it buried the whole useless princess idea (a false idea more often than not for this series) into the ground.

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Most are pretty good (except for early games), but Tetra and Goddess Zelda are my favorites.

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