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"You know what I don't get, I don't get why they call him Little Eddie when he's so ****ing big.

I think it's supposed to be ironic.


You know, the use of words to express something other than, and especially the opposite of, the literal meaning usually a humorous or sardonic literary style or form.

You got beat up at school a lot didn't you?" -Madworld, I always LOL at the announcers

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"I have FURY!!!"

-Fawful, Mario and Luigi RPG Trilogy

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Infernape1000 wrote:

"I have FURY!!!"

-Fawful, Mario and Luigi RPG Trilogy

Ohhh, yes, that's my favorite VG quote.



Kid_A wrote:

It's gotta be "Hey Link, I just finished washing my boobs for you!" from Zelda Twilight Princess. (try naming Epona "my boobs" and you get all kind of comedic gems like "You were riding my boobs to hard again weren't you, Link?". Seriously. Try it.)

Also, "That's why your still a kid!" from Onslaught. I say that all the time! Even if I'm not entirely sure what it means.

That made my day! =D

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"...a license to kill and unlimited ammo..."
-Max Payne

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Because I love the game so much, here's one from Mr. Nutz:
[Mr. Spider]"What are you doing here, little squirrel? Hasn't anyone taught you to be afraid of spiders? I haven't eaten a squirrel in a long time! Ahahahahahahahahahaha!"
What's awesome is the music that plays while battle this boss. Genius, Ocean! Too bad he's the only boss that actually talks to you in the game, and he's the first one!!

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@Kid_A: I was just thinkin of "Thats why your still a kid".

Also are these edit vidS. Washing my boobs?

Edit: How'd you come across that? ^

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Kreese Kreely: "I've survived more than my share of these crazy contest, and I can tell you that our audience is going to see more gushing blood, and severed heads, then a troop of girl scouts camping in an unexploded mine-field. We've got some savage contestants, amazing arenas, and a f--kload of surprises for ya'."

Howard Holmes: "So sharpen your knives, place your bets, and get ready to enjoyyyyyyyy Death Watch!"

KK: "So much fun it hurts!"

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pixelman wrote:


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Dammit! You got here first!

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longtimegamer wrote:

@Kid_A: I was just thinkin of "Thats why your still a kid".

Also are these edit vidS. Washing my boobs?

Edit: How'd you come across that? ^

Huh? I found it out because my friend suggested that I try typing it in. Turns out he got the idea off a youtube video of someone who did the same thing. But either way--it's hillarious.

Now that I have Mario & Luigi 3, though, my favorite game quote has changed to
"Fawful is gorging on his plan of win! And still he has hunger!"

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Oh and of course there's pretty much everything Doc Luis from Punch-Out has ever said.
The best probably being,
"What's your favorite kind of flower, son? Mine's Chocolate!"

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Duke in the first King of Fighters: Maximum Impact:

"The plan is that I shall be your opponent in the finale. And I promise you... heh, heh... you'll enjoy it. However... you will pay the price... with your blood."

Shopkeeper in Portrait of Ruin:

"I'll lower the price! I'LL LOWER THE PRICE!"

Shanoa in Dawn of Sorrow:

"Go to Hell."

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