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My favorite Video Game Fanfare has got to go to Gurumin when you clear a stage.
Zelda Twilight Princess boss victory fanfare is my runner up,& to anybody who own's a PSP go out and get Gurumin:A Monstrous Adventure,it's such an amazing what's your favorite video game fanfare?

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Final Fantasy still has the best for me. It's so iconic and recognizable, even people who've never played a Final Fantasy know what it means. I'll hum it sometimes when I accomplish something important.

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The Final Fantasy Victory fanfare's are awesome.

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Ugh, I can't choose, I like so many.

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MetalMario wrote:

Ugh, I can't choose, I like so many.

You're so right! Anyway, what about the Super Mario Bros. end-of-the-level fanfare?
Or the Pac-Man initial jingle? They're history!

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FFVI's Fanfare aside, I'd have to say the fanfare in Chrono Cross after you beat a boss is my all-time favorite. The remixed instrumentation, taken from Chrono Trigger, gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it. Plus, it's just an awesome song to hear after beating a difficult boss. Very rewarding! :3

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