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Capcom-- Monster Hunter, Mega Man, and Devil May Cry.

Namco-- Soul Calibur and Pac-man.

Square Enix-- Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy.

XSeed-- Because their rising to great standards with all their upcoming Wii RPGs!

Konami-- Metal Gear Solid, Contra, and Castlevania.

Ubisoft--Red Steel, Prince of Persia, and No More Heroes.

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If I have to choose only one then, Nippon Ichi Software(NIS), they brought us Disgaea. Enough said.

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Some of my favorites are: Atlus, WayForward, Level 5, XSEED, Marvelous and Treasure.


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Honestly, I think there are too many good developers to pick an absolute favorite one

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Square Enix brought TWEWY, and Atlus brought A LOT. But there are a lot of other great developers too.



In no particular order;

Bplus (you wanna fight about it?)

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Capcom for Mega Man and Street Fighter, Namco for Soul Calibur and Tales of. Squeenix isn't bad, either.

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Square Enix

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My favorites would probably be Capcom and Namco, and the worst ones would definitely be Data Design Interactive for their total lack of effort and the "quantity over quality" BS, and B-plus for the completely lackluster job they're doing on WW (and I'm not just saying that to make Blue Protoman angry).

EDIT: Treasure's freaking rad, too, with Gunstar Heroes, and Ikaruga.

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lz2009 wrote:

Super+Smash+Bros wrote:

My vote goes to Capcom and Sega. They are one of the few third-party publishers that cares about the hardcore gamers with the Wii.

By "hardcore" do you mean violent and lots of weapons?

That could be included in my statement, but also included are difficult games and Teen rated games with action. I can also include Sonic games also. So partially, but hardcore gamers are more then that.



Capcom. One of my least favorites of the major developers is Ubisoft because of how unreliable they are. You never know whether a game by Ubisoft is going to be good or not. I've played a lot of bad games by Ubisoft and a couple greats (No More Heroes! The best Wii game yet) I don't like Ubisoft because of their inconsistency

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Square Enix, Capcom and Konami, Sega and Rare used to be great and would have made the list a few years ago, but today they are average at best.



Atlus, Capcom and Hudson.



Anyone Else?

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Treasure. Their games are always mad and fun. Plus they make awesome shooters with big explosions...

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My top three are EA, Ubisoft, and Sega.

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