Topic: Favorite Super Bowl Commercial(s)? (This Year)

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I'm surprised no one has made a thread for this yet. Anyhow, here are mine:

Funniest: Taco Bell

Most Heartfelt: Budwieser (Clydesdale)

Most Inspiring: Dodge "God made a Farmer"

Best Movie Trailer: Disney's Oz the Great & Powerful (although Iron Man 3 was good as well)


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The GoDaddy commercial really wanted me to get out and buy some domains.



My personal favorite:

Oreo:Whisper Fight
I love that commercial so much, it's one of my all time favorite Super Bowl commercials.

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Leon Sandcastle.

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Apparently I missed a good Dodge commercial.
Didn't see all of them but...

Funniest was the Goat Doritos commercial.
The Clydesdale one was really good (too bad it was a darn beer commercial...)
It was cool to see someone from my favorite show Chuck (even though he was not a main character) in that godaddy commercial, but that was pretty gross.
Still wasn't like watching the half time show. I felt like I was watching porn. That was a little much.

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I wasn't especially impressed with any of them this year, tbh.

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