Topic: Favorite Game of 2013 So Far & Most Anticipated Game of 2013.

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So, its the end of June; and by now, you've probably played a game that came out this year. Whether it was Bioshock Infinite, Lego City Undercover, or Ridiculous Fishing, you've probably played a game you liked. So what is your favorite game of 2013 so far, and what is your most anticipated?
My favorite belongs to Fire Emblem Awakening

And I will give my most anticipated to Watch Dogs

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Most Anticipated: SMT IV

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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is rising though)

Most anticipated: Pokemon X/Y


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Did Injustice Gods Among Us release this year? If so, then that's my favorite. VERY entertaining.

I am most hyped for Sonic Lost World. It really looks awesome and has a creative idea. HYPE!!!



Favorite out of the many, many 2013 games I've been able to play (3): Bioshock Infinite
Most anticipated: Watch Dogs

Bioshock is 10 years old. Let's play through its horrific environment and see why its so beloved!
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Favorite: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Anticipated: Pikmin 3


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Favorite: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Anticipated: PIKMIN FREAKING 3!!!


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Darn, I was planning on making a thread like this next month, lol. Anyhow...

Favorite released this year: PicDun 2: Witch's Curse

Favorite I've played this year: Super Metroid

Most anticipated: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


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Most anticipated: 2013 Pikmin; 2014 Mario kart 8

I don't have a favorite game this year...

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Favorite game for 2013 so far = Animal Crossing New Leaf

Most anticipated game for 2013 = Torn between Zelda: Link between worlds and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Most anticipated game for 2014 = Mario Kart 8

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I'm probably like a lot of people here but :

Favorite game of 2013 so far : Either Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon or Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Most anticipated game of this year : Probably Pikmin 3. Plently of what look to be good ones on the way.

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As for next year, well I shouldn't even has to say it, just a glace at my sig is enough. Assuming it isn't delayed of course.


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So far - Fire Emblem: Awakening
Most Anticipated - Shovel Knight (not much of a home console player anymore).

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Favorite game played this year: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Favorite game released this year: The Last of Us

Most anticipated: Duck Tales HD, Batman: Arkham Origins



Favourite game:

Most anticipated games:


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