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Got the season 2 DVD at the end of last week, and I'm loving it. Not as strong as season one, but still some of the funniest TV I've ever seen. And a few of the songs are real standouts. In fact, I think this is my new favorite of theirs for reasons too numerous and personal to list.

What is your favorite? Youtube it for the benefit of those (sad individuals) who may not have seen the show. Live clips more than welcome as well, obviously...




I like that one too - Michel Gondry's fingerprints are all over it of course!

My favourites at the moment are Bowie's in Space and, of course, Business Time.

I also like Too Many Dicks a lot, but I'm worried about putting that on this forum, frankly.


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I've never heard of it. I'm tempted to press play, but can't quite bring myself to. I don't know why.



Series 2 was a bit of a letdown, but I liked the Simon and Garfunkel episode. Most amoosing.

My favourite Conchords song would have to be this Pet Shop Boys tribute:

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Great show. I'm quite fond of Tears Of A Rapper!

Fuzzy, Backloggery.


Heard these for a few years ago, favorite is definately 'Jenny':

Haven't heard any of their new work though. Good stuff =)

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Dazza wrote:

Hey man, I just want some muesli !!


I like their earlier stuff, cuz it was more edgy.

Like Petrov, Yelyena, and Me. They did a version of this on Season 2 i think but they cut so much out. The full version doesn't have any visuals. You can hear it here, or watch this one with visuals added by some guy who did an animation 101 course, which adds a whole other layer of funny to the song:

And The Humans Are Dead

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@ Prosody...I'm with you on Business Time...sheer brilliance!

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Humans are dead and If your into it are my favourites and i prefer most of the songs when they are doing them live. With the series it seems to me that Series 1 was made to incorporate the songs they had already written, where as with Series 2 the songs were written with the script in mind so seem to fit better.


Great suggestions, folks. I had to youtube Tears of a Rapper for Fuzzy, as it's too great to leave out of this thread.

As a bonus, here's another of my old song of theirs that they dusted off for season 2, giving it some pretty epic treatment that the song really deserved.

Honestly, what a beautiful song. Really. I mean that.




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It isn't as funny as some of their others, but I think Foux Da Fa Fa is always kind of catchy. If You're Into It is good too. And of course I also like The Humans Are Dead, Jenny, and Carol Brown.

It can be interesting on the show when Mel (or Murray) sing as well. I like the one Mel does about her dreams.

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Oh, I didn't realize Season 2 was out on DVD yet! Thanks for the heads up, Chicken, I'll have to get it forthwith.

Since I've only seen Season 1, I have a limited set to choose from, but a couple favorites include:

  • Business Time (better live)
  • The Tape of Love (not sure if that's the song title, but you know which one I mean -- it has one of my favorite lines in it: "People are like paper dolls. / Paper dolls and people, / they're a similar shape.")
  • Bowie's in Space (much better live as well, and I mainly just enjoy Jemaine's Bowie voice -- I do my own Bowie impersonation at Karaoke, and while I'm sometimes pretty good at the dramatic, deep-voiced version of Bowie, Jemaine is a pro).

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