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Anyone who has played a Fire Emblem game has a favorite character. Even if they're from FE 1-6 or even awakening, feel free to share! My favorites have to be Hector and Volke( he has quite the resemblance to solid snake...)UntitledUntitled. Who are your's?

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Marth, because he has such cool sword moves in Melee and Brawl, and Lyn from the first Fire Emblem that made it to the west. She's very strong, and she doesn't look half bad either.

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Hector and Sain, by a fairly decent margin.

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Joshua and Colm from Sacred Stones will always be some of my favorites

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I haven't played awakening yet but my current favorite would be Edward from radiant dawn. I also like mist too.

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I like L'Arachel and Rennac.

In the latest Fire Emblem Awakening my favorites are probably Lissa, Tharja, Cynthia, Kellam, and Stahl. Kjelle can be funny too if you pair her up with the right people. my pants.


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