Topic: Favorite Console of all time?

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Favorite console:Wii
Favorite handheld:Nintendo DS
Favorite retro console:Nintendo 64
Favorite retro handheld:Game Boy Advance

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Favorite Console - Sega Master System.
Nothing beats playing the original Phantasy Star.

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Super Nintendo
Nintendo DS
Playstation 2

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Magnavox Odyssey.

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You got to respect a system which comes with a rapid fire controller!

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DS and DSi

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Probably the N64 followed by the Saturn.



Super NES.
No questions asked. It's that great!

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Consoles: Give me the SNES any day of the week.
Handhelds: For it's role as sort of a handheld SNES (at least in my mind), the GBA gets my vote, but the DS is creeping up the list quite strongly.

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Wii but only because it has VC. If it didn't, I would have to say...SNES.


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Dunno, it hasn't been made yet.

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Handheld:Gameboy (All)

The Game.

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Wii. Cause you can play loads of other great systems on it too as well as all the great Wii games.
Handheld I'd have to go with DS plus you can play GBA games on it ,as you can tell I like backwards compatability . Followed by Sega Game Gear (I know ,I know but I loved mine as a child )

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I'd say mine would be the Wii.

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My vote goes to the Nintendo 64.

The Nintendo 64 got me started on video gaming with the revolutionary Super Mario 64. Despite poor third-party support, the Nintendo-published titles were top-notch, especially Rare games. It also introduced the Super Smash Bros. series with Super Smash Bros., my favorite video game series.

I will never forget the system, I still wished it didn't die. It's a shame that we may never see most of the Nintendo 64 titles on the Virtual Console.


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Actually for me it's the Wii and then followed by the snes, then the Mega drive. Best hand held I can't answer that all though I'd be tempted to say Game boy advance it was like a portable SNES!!!!!



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