Topic: Favorite cartoon intro songs.

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Just what the title says. Tell me your favorite cartoon intro songs. Here's a few of mine.

This one might be a lesser known one but the theme song was really catchy and I watched it alot as a kid.

This one too. Gotta love classic Transformers!

Here's one more favorite of mine.

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The Family Guy intro song. I'd put up a video but a word is in there that I'm not sure is appropriate for this site...


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If anime counts this is number one! Nothing pumped me up more then watching Beyblade Saturdays.
It's not that old but Foster's theme has been stuck in my head for years now.
I'll always consider the ed edd n' eddy theme a timeless classic.

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I.M. Weasel. Cow and Chicken. The original Pokemon theme. The original Digimon theme. The Yu-Gi-Oh! GX theme. The Robotboy theme. The Courage the Cowardly Dog theme. Um... I like a lot of cartoon title screen themes, but most are modern ones. And most are from Cartoon Network. And most, I've forgotten.



Angry Beavers.

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Shin Chan closing credits - not really an intro song, but that show doesn't really have one.

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Typically 80s British theme song for a typically 80s British cartoon series. Penny Crayon.

Apologies for the poor quality before it starts -

Bucky O'Hare
Bump the Elephant
The following three aren't strictly cartoons (being stopmotion animation), but I want to share them.
Astro Farm
Oakie Doke
Fireman Sam
But back to the bonafide cartoons, and the most awesome one of all:
Galaxy High

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Did someone say Ultimate Muscle?

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Plus Johhny Bravo, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain and Tiny Toons Adventures.

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Easily this: [youtube:wZAhqEiq4cA]

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Jimmy Neutron (only the first part is the real theme song; couldn't find a better video):
Spectacular Spider-Man:
Shaun the Sheep (opening and closing credits and sorry couldn't find it on YouTube):
Also, for randomness...Ultraman!:

Also, MickeyMac, I just watched that Power Rangers theme song yesterday on Netflix. Brought back sooooo many memories.

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Spongebob is timeless in the memories on Nickelodeon.

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My all time favorite opening is for the Ren and Stimpy Show. I love everything about the intro (and the show itself)

The closing theme is awesome too (but irrelevant to this thread)

The lyrics to Catdog are epic (try not to get the song stuck in your head)

Samurai Pizza Cats

The lyrics make me laugh really hard

Oo oo, one more.....Danger mouse

I was going to put captain planet, but then realised that it is the end theme that is awesome. The opening; not so much.

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They Say Imma Beast , Yea... Xmen. But You Can Get MORPHED (and you seen what happen to morph).
(If you werent pumped anytime u heard this intro...)

Spiderman , Spiderman , Radio Active Spiderman. DOPE

Just call me Moonlight Knight

Super Fighting Robot Enough Said.

If theres something strange in the Neighborhood.
If you dont just instantly start dancing to this... Your a ghost lol

Red Cap You Already Know

Eureeka , Eureeka's Castle. Man Those Chimes & Bells (Ima Kid Again)

The Claw Baby , Cant Help But To Nod My Head

Haha DOPE (I Like Turtles) LMAO

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