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It's called that because of it's 5.2% strength, which gets you a little more reved up than other lagers.



Token+Girl wrote:

Yup it's called "take out" in the States, although the term often normally used for Chinese food for some reason (and not as much for fast food restaurants or other places). Love me some General Tso's Chicken though (which I've actually never seen in China).

Actually, a lot of the stuff that we call "Chinese kitchen" here in the west, even in Chinese take-away-restaurants is actually our own western foods with an eastern twist to it. I think it even differs per western country.

@Rensch = I remember visiting Holland and seeing loads of stands selling cones of chips with a choice of 50 different sauces, I didn't have a clue what any of them were apart from mayo but it was cool, also when I went to the Belgian Grand Prix earlier this year I had the best chips I have ever had in my life, infact all the meals I had there were amazing.

As for my favourite take away you can't beat a good ol chippy.

Most snack bars or stands have only a few different sauces though. I never heard about one that has 50 different ones, that's pretty amazing.

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