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@Trin - Even so, one would at least expect there to be an extra period in a post like that; and not eight commas all in one sentence.
Not that I have a problem with that, it's just something I noticed [I'm rather observant].

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You certainly are StarBoy... nothing gets past you.

No sir.



Ravage wrote:

grenworthshero wrote:

The+Fox wrote:

I don't know about the internet being 62% less entertaining without them. I'm pretty sure porn would still work if they left the internet.

Yeah, but I don't know about porn being "entertaining". I don't really know what word I would use to describe it...

Anyway, you guys should check out the article of them hating on all the consoles, interesting and funny.

The word would probably be titillation.



While I'm certainly no fanboy (I'm an equal opportunity hater), I would say that porn (NOT Al Gore heh) built the internet and the internet is entertainment, thus porn is entertainment!

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@Random...... you do have a very valid point as some fanboys go WAY overboard and I swear if some of the things were said to my face that Ive seen said to eachother on the net somebody would be getting a fanboy A$$ kicking.

You do have to admit, sometimes.... well most of the times when fanboys go on and on about games that just arent that great and defend whatever company to no dire end, its just laughable most times. I criticise all of the companies and a fan of all.

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